HMI Solutions

Focuses on customized optical touch and gesture control solutions using our patented IR-based zForce technologies. Applications can be found in many different markets and segments, including consumer electronics, medical, general industry, avionics, and automotive.

HMI Products

Focuses on sales of Neonode’s innovative, plug-and-play sensor modules, based on our reflective IR zForce technology that enable touch on any surface, in-air touch, and gesture control. Sales and distribution through a global network of distributors, value-add partners, and sales representatives.

Remote Sensing Solutions

Focuses on driver and cabin monitoring in vehicles. Addressing the need for robust, cost-effective driver and cabin monitoring systems that are compliant with the new EU general safety regulations (GSR) applicable for all new vehicles from 2024, we have developed and offer a flexible, scalable and hardware-agnostic software platform that features innovative machine-learning algorithms that are computationally very efficient and produce reliable results even with low-resolution cameras.