HMI Products

This business unit is focused on the sales of a family of standardized sensor modules for Contactless Touch, Multi-Finger Touch, and Gesture Sensing applications. Neonode’s innovative, plug-and-play sensor modules are based on our reflective zForce technology and enables development of different end-customer applications with very short lead times at very attractive price points. Potential applications for contactless touch are many, for instance in the medical, elevator and self-service, multi-user kiosk markets. Our sensor modules are a good fit both in OEM and retrofit applications.

HMI Solutions

This business unit is focused on sales of customized engineering solutions for multi-finger touch and gesture sensing solutions using our patented IR-based zForce technology. Applications can be found in many different markets and segments, like in the Military, Avionics, and Industrial equipment markets which have demanding technical and reliability requirements and the product needs a degree of customization. Our technology meets or exceeds these demanding requirements because we offer very high performance, with excellent quality and reliability, with a high degree of flexibility.

Remote Sensing Solutions

This business unit is focused on licensing software solutions for driver and in-cabin monitoring in vehicles. We address the need for robust, cost-effective driver and in-cabin monitoring systems that are compliant with the new EU general safety regulations (GSR) and meets the Euro NCAP guidelines. Our proprietary MultiSensing software platform is flexible, scalable and hardware-agnostic.