With Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules you can easily add contactless touch, touch and gesture interaction for displays, control panels and surfaces that you normally could not do with other solutions.

Touch Sensor Modules

Easily add touch to displays or surfaces with our Touch Sensor Modules or use them to add gesture controls to your application.

Touch Sensor Modules are made available through our distribution partners, for larger quantities please contact us directly.

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Contactless Touch

In a changing world, the requirements for safe interactions in public spaces are increasing at an unprecedented level, putting pressure on providers of self-service, multi-user kiosks, elevators and everyone whose product involve physical interactions.

With Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules you have the ability to mount a sensing field in parallel with your existing control panel or touchscreen or design a completely new experience with touch on a holographic projection.

To learn more go to our dedicated Contactless Touch sites:

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Partner Network


Digi-Key, NextySerial Microelectronics

Value-Added Partners

HY-LINE, Japan Aerospace, Global Electronics, TNBTECH, Finetek, Easpeed, Metatechno, Be Salt

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Happyhover, Asukanet, YesAR, Holo Industries, Advanced Silicon, HKPC, Elix, Convergence