In-vehicle Infotainment Systems (IVI)

Our IVI solutions can be found in millions of cars in the market, which we believe is a testament to the quality, reliability and ease of integrating our solutions.

Add multi-touch functionality to any display, with or without any overlay. Works on any display with any input including gloved operation, wet and greasy hands and long finger nails.

Gesture Control
Neonode sensors enable the user to easily control the IVI system using horizontal and vertical single hand swipe gestures. For example, to accept and hang up incoming phone calls or navigate IVI menus. For enhanced safety and user friendly interaction, visual light or sound feedback can be integrated.

Virtual Trackpad
Enable the use of any material as a touch surface including natural wood and leather and enhance your IVI system with a unique look and feel.

Use Neonode sensors to wake your IVI system when a hand or other object approaches.