Interior Control Systems

With an extensive track record in HMI development and deployment, Neonode creates the most innovative and used UX designs in the world. We believe the synergy between driver and vehicle will become an essential feature in automated driving vehicles: the more both driver and vehicle are aware of each other’s status, the safer the driving experience will be.

Steering Wheel Systems
Safety, ease of use and innovation are the guiding words in our cooperation with Autoliv. For the past three years, Neonode and Autoliv have worked together to develop a revolutionary user interface for autonomous and semi-autonomous vehicles embodied in the steering wheel grip. We believe this user interface will become the gold standard that all autonomous vehicles will aspire to.

Interior Controls
With Neonode sensors, mechanical controls can be replaced by interactive surfaces made of any material, including natural wood and leather. Thus, traditional mechanical roof and door control panels can be replaced with luxurious materials to provide your vehicle with a unique look and feel. In addition, Neonode sensors enable mounting controls in exciting, unconventional locations, such as on and around the rear view mirror, and using mid-air gestures.

Neonode solutions provide touch and mid-air gesture control to any interior surface or space, enabling innovative and unconventional placement of control functions, e.g. interactive door windows and rearview mirrors.

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