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Live Contactless Touch Webinar, December 15

Published December 10, 2020 in News

Contactless Touch: The New Normal for Public Interaction in the Post-COVID World

Join us Tuesday, December 15 for this ground-breaking webinar on designing and manufacturing safe, interactive displays, presented by Neonode, the industry leader in Contactless Touch Technology.

There is a need for long-term solutions to minimize the transfer of pathogens in public areas. When it comes to the public touchscreens found in self-service kiosks and checkout counters, or button interfaces in elevators, many would prefer to avoid touching the screens and buttons due to the risk of spreading pathogens residing on these surfaces.

Now there is a remedy: Neonode and their technology partners have designed germ-free interactive contactless touch solutions that can be easily designed into new displays, touch-screens and control units, or retrofitted into existing ones.


  • Johan Swartz, VP HMI Products, Neonode
  • Bastien Beauvois, Area Sales Director, Western Europe, Neonode
  • Axel Panning, Area Sales Director Central Europe, Neonode

Be a first-mover in your industry:
Attend the webinar ‘Contactless Touch: The New Normal for Public Interaction in the Post-COVID World’ — an essential first-step toward providing a responsible solution for safe interaction in the public domain. Don’t miss it!

  • Learn about the latest technology that will help you to gain increased market share.
  • Design various contactless touch solutions – parallel plane implementation or interaction with images floating in-air (also known as interactive holographic displays).
  • Identify key suppliers and products optimized to work together.
  • Fast-track prototyping and manufacturing for quick time-to-market.

When: Tuesday, December 15, 2020, 10:00AM CET

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