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Neonode demonstrates leading position in automotive interaction and innovation at IAA 2015

Published September 24, 2015 in Press release

Stockholm, Sweden – September 24, 2015 Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ: NEON), the leading optical touch and proximity technology company for automotive Human Machine Interface (HMI) systems, has wrapped a very successful Frankfurt Motor Show.

Neonode’s technology has already been adopted by 10 car OEMs and installed in 19 different cars that has been launched so far. We believe these numbers will grow as we expand to other applications inside and outside of the car, in 2016 and beyond.

Neonode showcased zForce AIR™ sensor used for touch and gesture control, zForce EDGE™ design for touch on center stack displays, and the award winning zForce DRIVE™ steering wheel.

Throughout the Frankfurt Motor Show, for nearly all car manufacturers, the consistent theme was optimization of HMI with “button less” driver interaction and improved Safety. Neonode’s technology supports the latest HMI developments with focus on intuitive User Interfaces, Improved safety with the concept of “hands on the wheel, eyes on the road”, infinity type of Industrial Design and consideration of applicability across whole car platforms. Neonode’s technology was incorporated into a number of cars for gesture control.

zForce DRIVE was the star of the show at the joint Autoliv/Neonode booth. During the first week of the show it was industry only, and this was an opportunity for key management from the automotive manufacturers to get hands on with the new technology. zForce DRIVE offers the OEM more flexibility in interior design and at the same time the ability to automate many functions that are controlled by buttons and levers today. This offers the OEM the opportunity to optimize the cars energy efficiency and at the same time enhance the driving experience with improved safety.

“With the world’s largest technology companies all focusing billions of dollars to enter the automotive segment and with major car manufacturers seeking to offer the most innovative new technologies, Neonode is in the optimum position to help all these companies with technology that is perfectly suited for automotive conditions and requirements. Solutions for keyless entry in combination with gesture controlled lock, unlock and window control was very well received from our customers,” said Thomas Eriksson, CEO at Neonode.


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