Upcoming Events 2021

Neonode Contactless Touch Webinar, North America, February 11
More information to come.

CES Digital Venue Open Until February 15, 2021
CES 2021 registrants have the opportunity to replay, rediscover and relive the show until February 15. Visit Neonode’s exhibitor showcase page at digital.ces.tech/exhibitors (search for Neonode Inc)

Redeye Investor Forum, April 15
More information to come.

Redeye Growth Day, June 2
More information to come.

Completed Events 2021

Neonode Contactless Touch Webinar, Japan, January 14
Link to replay the webinar; neonode.com/neonode-contactless-touch-webinar-in-japanese
The webinar was broadcasted in Japanese.

Completed Events 2020

Neonode Contactless Touch Webinar, Europe, December 15
Get a link to watch replay at; products.neonode.com/eu/touch-sensor-modules

Redeye Investor Forum, December 10
CEO Dr. Urban Forssell presented Neonode’s HMI Business Areas.
Sign up to watch the replay here!

Self-Service Innovation Virtual Summit, December 8-9, 2020
Neonode presented Contactless Touch for Interactive Kiosks in a post COVID-19 World.

Redeye Technology Day, Stockholm, November 25
CEO Dr. Urban Forssell presented Neonode’s HMI Business Areas. Sign up to se the replay at; Redeye Technology Day 2020

electronica virtual embedded conference, November 9–12, 2020
Neonode presented Contactless Touch at the Embedded Platform Conference, Session 3: Sensors&IOT, November 12, 15:20
A recording of the presentation is available at; https://electronica.de/en/supporting-program/electronica-conferences/embedded-platforms/live-recordings-3-4/#lg=1&slide=0

Redeye Investor Forum, November 5
Link to reply with CEO, Dr. Urban Forssell; https://www.redeye.se/video/event-presentation/799928/neonode-ceo-urban-forsell-presents-at-redeye-technology-day-2020

Redeye Autotech Seminar, October 14, 11:00 CET
Neonode CEO Urban Forssell presented Driver and Cabin Monitoring at Redeye’s Autotech Seminar.

Watch the replay at; https://www.redeye.se/video/event-presentation/795469/neonode-ceo-urban-forssell-presents-at-autotech-seminar-2020

Live Webinar, September 23 (the webinar was broadcasted in Chinese)
Contactless Touch: The New Normal for Public Interaction in the Post-COVID World
Neonode held a webinar on designing and manufacturing safe interactive displays. In collaboration with The Swedish trade and invest council in China.

Watch the replay at; https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XNDg3NjE0MDA4MA==.html?spm=a2hzp.8244740.0.0

India Technology Week, Virtual Show, September 16-17
Neonode presented Contactless Touch – The New Normal for Public Interaction in the Post-COVID World.

Display Week Virtual Show, August 3-7
Neonode presented Contactless Touch, and how to prevent the spread of germs in public spaces.

The online event is open until December 7 at; http://www.displayweek.org/

Neonode Live Webinar, June 23
Switching to Holographic and Other Contactless Touch Solutions for Safer, Germ-free Interaction.

Watch the webinar at; https://youtu.be/-Szpc3vv6Qw

Growth Day 2020, June 2 at Redeye (virtual event)
Watch the replay of CEO Urban Forssell’s presentation at; https://www.redeye.se/video/event-presentation/787518/neonode-ceo-urban-forssell-presents-at-growth-day-2020

Neonode Strategic Plan Webcast, April 2 at Redeye
CEO Urban Forssell presented the company’s strategic plan at Redeye.se, April 2, 2020.

Watch the webcast at; https://neonode.com/rewatch-the-strategy-update-presentation-by-neonodes-ceo-urban-forssell/

CES, January 7-10, Las Vegas, NV, USA
The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 annual conference was held January 7-10, 2020. Neonode attended the event but was not exhibiting.