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Neonode Launches its Stylus Support Touchscreen Solution

Published October 16, 2009 in News

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, October 16, 2009 – Neonode, Inc. (NEON.OB), the Swedish optical touchscreen
technology Company, today announced the launch of Stylus Touch, the latest in a series of new innovative products
that provides best of class, economical and easy to use optical touch screen solutions for hand-held products. Stylus
touch is aimed squarely at manufacturers who develop and sell products that require both finger and stylus based
touch screen support.

The Company is a leading provider of optical touch screen solutions for hand-held consumer and industrial devices.
By launching its new Stylus Touch, Neonode has positioned itself to be at the forefront of the touchscreen revolution
that is continuing to accelerate its acceptance in the consumer and industrial electronic device markets. To date,
other touch screen technologies have been able to provide either multi finger touch or stylus touch but not both
at once. A combination of Stylus Touch with our ClearTouch and Selective Area Touch is aimed squarely at the
growing markets for compact and easy to use eBook readers, Mobile Internet browsing devices and Smart PC’s
because our complete touch screen solution is inexpensive to manufacture and maintain and has the highest picture
quality available.

“The mobile electronic device market is virtually unpenetrated when it comes to easy to use and economical
touchscreen solutions. More and more consumers are demanding ease of use combined with a full feature menu
of navigation options that you can activate with a simple touch or sweep of your finger or a by using a stylus. Our
touch screen product line fills the need for both consumers and manufacturers and will usher in a new era of mobile
devices using full featured touchscreen applications.” said Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Neonode Technology AB and
co-founder of Neonode, Inc.

For more information:

Thomas Eriksson, CEO, Neonode Technology AB
Linnegatan 89
SE 115 23 Stockholm, Sweden
Tel: +46 8 521 337 or +46 8 667 17 17

About Neonode Technology AB.

Neonode Inc. is a leading provider of optical touch screen solutions for hand-held devices. zForce™ is the name
of Neonode’s proprietary patented touch screen technology. Neonode Technology, a wholly owned subsidiary
of Neonode, Inc., has its base in Stockholm, Sweden. Neonode Inc is listed on the OTCBB under the symbol

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