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Neonode Launches zForce™AIR™ Game Changing Technology – Touch Enabling Any Surface

Published June 26, 2014 in Press release

SANTA CLARA, California – June 26, 2014 Neonode Inc., (NASDAQ: NEON), the optical-touch technology licensing company, today officially launched zForce™AIR™, a breakthrough and game-changing technology which can touch enable any surface.

zForce™AIR is a modular sensor bar that can be integrated into any device or structure. It projects an infrared light field on the surface of the display or desired touch area and gives accurate X and Y coordinates for touch functionality. The result is great flexibility in Industrial Design, Differentiated Leading Edge Functionality, and Ultra-Low Cost.

The applications for zForce™AIR™ are limitless and can be applied to Notebooks, All-In-One, Monitors, Keyboards, eReaders, Tablets, Printers, Mobile Phones, Gaming Devices, White Goods, and Automotive (link to image 1 and image 2).

Advantages of zForce™AIR™ over other optical and projective capacitive technologies:

• Any Surface – Touch functionality on any surface such as LCD’s, OLED, E-Paper, metal and plastic materials, glass, wood and even human skin (for Wearables).

• Functionality – zForce™AIR™ can be integrated into devices to give not only touch functionality but also allow for free space air gestures.

• Scalability – Optimized for high volume production allowing any module maker to pre-produce the zForce™AIR sensors as pre tested modules allowing for infinite production volume scalability.

• Cost – Through reduced number of components, ease of production and assembly, zForce™AIR™ enables OEMs to deploy touch in a wide range of devices where cost has been the main barrier for touch integration.

• New Possibilities – zForce™AIR™ can be integrated into wearable devices to use back of hand as a touch surface. Also, opportunities for building “active” phone and tablet cases that enable a whole new way of device interaction without touching the screen.

“We are very enthusiastic about this new technology that can touch enable any surface. Already the OEM’s who have seen our first samples are very eager to work with Neonode on next generation of human to device interaction. We believe this technology could be a game changer for OEM’s that need low cost touch and proximity solutions. zForce™AIR™ is a result of our continuous investment and commitment in R&D to keep our technology leading edge and offer our customers something which differentiates their devices” said Thomas Eriksson, CEO of Neonode Inc.

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