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Neonode® Summarizes Recent Conference Call

Published June 26, 2014 in Press release

SANTA CLARA, California – June 26, 2014 – Neonode Inc., (NASDAQ: NEON), the optical touch technology company provides a summary of the conference call providing a market update which was held on Monday 23rd of June 2014 at 8:30am.

A replay of this call is available at (800) 585-8367 or (404) 537-3406, and the conference ID is 64071210.

To reiterate the main points of the recent conference call:

• Hewlett Packard is Neonode’s flagship printer partner, who just started shipping its first three printers using Neonode technology. Neonode expects this foundational partnership will continue to flourish going forward. Neonode has a license and wins with a second Tier One printer OEM and is currently talking to other Tier One printer OEMs.
• Propoint and Alpine, being suppliers to Volvo, are two of Neonode’s auto licensees and strong partners. Neonode is not in the business of advertising competing technologies on our website.
• Neonode Chairman Per Bystedt is a party to civil litigation involving a 13 year old transaction in Sweden, that has absolutely no bearing on, or relevance to, Neonode Inc. Moreover, Mr. Bystedt was the Chairman of a football team in Sweden that once (2006) was fined for a late filing. The minimal late fee was paid and the matter was closed.
• Neonode Inc. has never been bankrupt, while its handset manufacturing subsidiary, Neonode AB, filed for bankruptcy in late 2008. Neonode settled all claims cleanly, and re-emerged as a technology licensing company in 2009. Moreover, management expects that the recent $10M capital raise will enable Neonode to execute on its business plan, while allowing the company to fully address all the emerging PC and printer market opportunities.
• As clearly demonstrated by Microsoft’s Windows 8 Certification (March 2014), and strong patent base (41 issued patents and 93 pending), Neonode’s technology is not subpar or obsolete. Neonode’s licensing base includes companies such as HP, Amazon and Sony presumably only spend time, money, resources to license and develop products based on the cutting-edge technologies.
• We expect the combination of Neonode’s zForce™PLUS™ (Windows 8 certified PC solutions) and zForce™AIR™ (open-air gesture control) solutions, will disrupt the PC markets (All-in-ones, monitors, laptops, and peripherals), due to its high-performance (certified by Microsoft), lowest cost (by as much as 50%, relative to the competition), and its game-changing proximity-sensing “killer apps”. Thus, Neonode is in very active discussions with Tier One PC OEMs, and is increasingly focused on its brightening PC growth vertical.


About Neonode
Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ:NEON) develops and licenses the next generation of Multisensing touch technologies, allowing companies to differentiate themselves by making high performing touch and proximity solutions at a competitive cost. Neonode is at the forefront of providing unparalleled user experiences that offer significant advantages for OEM’s. This includes state-of-the-art touch and proximity technology features such as low latency pen or brush sensing, high speed scanning, proximity-, pressure-, and depth sensing capabilities and object-size measuring.
Neonode’s patented Multisensing technology is developed into a wide range of devices such as All-In-One PCs, Notebooks, Monitors, e-readers, Printers, White Goods, Wearable’s, Mobile and PC Accessories, and Advanced Automotive Infotainment Systems. Neonode, the Neonode logo, Multisensing, and zForce are trademarks of Neonode Inc. registered in the United States and other countries. zForce AIR and zForce PLUS are trademarks of Neonode Inc. For more information please visit

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