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Neonode to Present Strategic Plan at Live Webcast, 13:00 CET April 2, 2020

Published March 30, 2020 in News

Neonode invites you to join the webcast at, 13:00 CET April 2, 2020.  CEO Urban Forssell will present Neonode and give an update on the company’s strategic plan, followed by Q&A, moderated by Redeye Analyst Viktor Westman.

The webcast will be held in English.

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Neonode: Interview with CEO Urban Forssell
Neonode’s CEO, Urban Forssell talks about the company’s strategic review, the way forward and the upcoming webcast at Redeye, April 2.
You can see the full interview at (you have to sign up as a member to see the interview).


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Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ:NEON) is a publicly traded company, headquartered in Stockholm, Sweden and established in 2001. The company provides advanced optical sensing solutions for touch, gesture control, and remote sensing. Building on experience acquired during years of advanced optical R&D and technology licensing, Neonode’s technology is currently deployed in more than 73 million products and the company holds more than 120 patents worldwide. Neonode’s customer base includes some of the world’s best-known Fortune 500 companies in the consumer electronics, office equipment, medical, avionics, and automotive industries.

Neonode operates in three business areas: HMI Solutions, HMI Products and Remote Sensing Solutions. In HMI Solutions, Neonode offers customized optical touch and gesture control solutions for many different markets and segments. In HMI Products, the company provides innovative, plug-and-play sensor modules that enable touch on any surface, in-air touch, and gesture control for a wide range of applications. In Remote Sensing Solutions, Neonode offers robust and cost-effective driver and cabin monitoring solutions for vehicles based on the company’s flexible, scalable and hardware-agnostic software platform.

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