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Neonode’s touchscreen, zForce, featured on new Koobe e-Book

Published January 31, 2010 in News

STOCKHOLM, Sweden, January 31, 2010 – Neonode, Inc. (NEON.OB), the Swedish leading Optical Touchscreen
Technology Company, announced today that the newest Koobe Inc e-Book reader, the (JinYong Reader) uses its
zForce optical touch screen solution for e-book readers.

The JinYong Reader incorporates an ARM based application processor connected to a high contrast 6 inch
electronic ink display and Neonode´s optical touch screen, supporting smooth finger input with gestures and sweeps.

The JinYong Reader will feature the work of renowned Chinese martial arts novelist Jin Yong among others and
will be sold mainly in the traditional Chinese-language market (including but not limited to) Taiwan and Hong
Kong. It will be available in the major book stores and consumer electronics channels.

The JinYong Reader is the slimmest multi-touch screen capable eReader ever. The device supports text in a wide
variety of formats such as PDF, ePub, html, txt, as well as images in JPG, BMP and PNG formats. The internal
memory of 2GB can store up to 1500 e-books and can be expandable with a micro-SD memory card (up to 16GB).

Page-turning on the JinYong Reader can be done with a single slide-on screen or button, while other basic functions
like bookmarking, page refresh and annotation can be done with one touch, as well. Touch operation is simple and
can be done with either hand.

“We are pleased to work with an e-publishing leader like Koobe to incorporate our innovative zForce e-Book
touchscreen platform into the (JinYong Reader). Our zForce e-Book touchscreen will help to enable feature rich e-
book applications that can be enjoyed by the growing user base in Asian markets.” said Thomas Eriksson, CEO of
Neonode Technologies AB.

Neonode delivers a touch solution that is many times more cost effective than any other high performance touch
solutions currently in the market. Neonode’s technology incorporates all functionality and performance features
from traditional touchscreen solutions such as resistive and capacitive response (i.e. iPhone). zForce supports high
resolution pen input, multi-finger touch control and zoom-in gestures combined with superior picture quality.
zForce is currently being integrated into products such as mobile phones, mobile internet devices, e-books, digital
picture frames and tablet PC’s.

“Koobe continues to drive the evolution of e-book reader design through style and enhanced capabilities,” said Mr.
Younger l. Liang, Director of Koobe Inc. “In adopting the Neonode zBook touchscreen technology, we created an
e-Book that overcomes the limitations of conventional e-Books. The easy-to-use touchscreen complements the sleek
industrial design and rich content. A light finger touch is all you need to control the device.”

For more information:

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Thomas Eriksson, CEO, Neonode Technologies AB
Linnegatan 89
SE-115 23 Stockholm
Tel: +46 (0)8 667 17 17


About Neonode Technologies AB.
Neonode Inc is the leading provider of optical touch screen solutions for hand-held and small to midsize devices.
Neonode is offering software licenses and engineering design services that enable companies to make high
functionality touch screens at a low cost. zForce is the name of Neonode’s proprietary patented touch screen
technology. Neonode Technologies AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Neonode, Inc., has its base in Stockholm,
Sweden. Neonode Inc is listed on the OTCBB under the symbol NEON.OB.

About Koobe Inc
The value position of Koobe® is as a total e-publishing solution provider for both hardware and software
companies. Koobe also serves as a bridge between creators and readers. It lets valuable content break technical
limitations to achieve the goal of “Create Once, Publish Everywhere” to be a reality. Koobe® brings revenue for
authors, allowing for multiple types of styles for publishers, adds value for their copyrights, attracts readers to
distributors, and makes e-content publishing efficient and reading fun.

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