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Human-Machine Interaction for Safety and End-Customer Satisfaction



Contactless Touch - The New Standard in Public Interaction

In a changing world, the requirements for safe interactions in public spaces are increasing at an unprecedented level, putting pressure on providers of self-service, multi-user kiosks, elevators and everyone whose product involve physical interactions.

With Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules you have the ability to mount a sensing field in parallel with your existing control panel or touchscreen or design a completely new experience with touch on a holographic projection.

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Products and Solutions

Contactless Touch

Prevent the Spread of Germs in Public Spaces

Learn More About Contactless Touch

Touch Sensor Modules

When Other Touch Solutions Just Won't Do the Job

Learn About Touch Sensor Modules

Customized HMI Solutions

Premier HMI Technology, Customized for Your Application

Learn About Our Customized HMI Solutions

Remote Sensing Solutions

Robust and Cost-Effective Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring Solutions

Learn More About Remote Sensing Solutions

Latest Press Releases

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Neonode Touch Sensor Modules Selected for Contactless Airport Kiosk Trials by Doostek in South Korea

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Press release

Neonode Partners with MZ Technologie to Jointly Address Contactless Kiosk and Elevator Control Markets in France

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Press release

Neonode-Powered Smart Luggage Carrier by Shanghai Yihang Internet Technology Deployed at Beijing Daxing International Airport

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Latest News

The latest updates from Neonode



Redeye Interview with Urban Forssell, CEO Neonode (25 Nov 2021)

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Article_5 ways to kickstart your contactless touch journey


5 Ways To Kickstart Your Contactless Touch Journey

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Hotel Room


Reimagining the Hotel Experience with Touchless Technology

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