Sensor Modules

The Neonode sensor module is a laser light based touch sensor based on light reflections that can be integrated and used in various applications. The sensor modules detect and trace objects by detecting diffusely reflected infrared light. An object present in the active area will affect several receiver channels, and the reported x/y coordinates are the outcome of a center of gravity calculation on these signals. The sensor modules connect to the host system through a standard connector and communicate through a standard I2C or USB interface.

The characteristics of the sensor modules are high scanning frequency, low latency, high accuracy and operate in the temperature range -40°C to +85°C, making these sensor modules ideal for applications intended for harsh environments.

Neonode has released a new type of zForce sensor module to enable mounting in a different orientation to obtain the same active detection area. This opens up for new levels of design freedom and allows integration in a wider range of applications.

The new zForce sensor modules are available off the shelf at

With Neonode sensor modules you enjoy complete freedom of design, ease of integration and cost-efficient production.

Main Features

  • High scanning frequency – 200Hz or more depending on sensor length
  • Idle mode for reduced current power consumption
  • Configurable interactive area
  • I2C and USB interface
Sensor Modules Offering
Touch Sensor Modules
Available off-the-shelf as zForce AIR Touch Sensors in 9 lengths and two types, ranging from 115 to 346mm at
Other lengths are available on request.
Gesture Control Sensor Modules
Custom designs upon request.
Object Detection Sensor Modules
Custom designs upon request.

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Arduino Library

Get started with Arduino® development using our Neonode zForce AIR interface library for Arduino.

Touchscreen Solutions

Neonode touchscreen solution is a full custom IR light based touch sensor system for high volume applications that can be licensed. The sensors are based on Neonodes patented optical blocking technology and can be integrated and used in various applications.

Neonode touchscreen solution provide multi-touch interaction and support multi object gestures with a minimum of components and the lowest possible cost. The touch sensor system is tailored for ultra low latency and power consumption and can be easily customized to fit the demands of any application and environment. Custom design solutions are scalable to any touch area and size and work on any surface and with any touch object.

In May 2019, Neonode released the next generation of zForce touchscreen solution. This new generation offers the same world-class performance as previous generation zForce touchscreen solutions at significantly lower cost.

Neonode Touch Solutions – 2019 Optical Blocking Platform [PDF]

Touchscreen Solutions Offering
Touchscreen Sensor Systems
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