Mid-Air Interaction

For tomorrow’s gesture based interfaces or in situations where direct contact with surfaces must be avoided, Neonode’s sensor modules enable precise interaction and direct visual feedback thanks to an innovative illumination feedback system.

Gesture Control
Enable advanced gesture control, ranging from sweeping hands to multi-finger interaction.

Mid-Air Touch
High precision mid-air touch interaction for use in applications where the finger must not touch the display surface.

Read the white paper about Contactless Touch – a Safer Method for Interaction, by Richard Berglind, Sr Optical Engineer at Neonode.

Visual Feedback
With the Neonode sensor’s added illumination feature, every interaction is acknowledged with immediate visual feedback.

  • Choose from a single light source to one or more stacked RGB LED arrays,
  • Design how the visual feedback should look and behave, depending on application.

Neonode sensor modules can wake up your system when a hand or other object approaches.