Touch Interaction

Neonode’s laser light based technology enables multi-touch input, making any display or surface react to touch and gestures. Thanks to its projected interactive field, Neonode technology is suitable for implementation in rough environments.

Neonode touch solutions opens up for new levels of design freedom.

Touch on Displays (touchscreen)
Add multi-touch interaction to any display, with or without overlay. Works with any input, including gloves, wet and greasy hands and long finger nails.

Use Case: Rugged Displays [PDF Presentation]

Touch on Hidden Displays
Keep the aesthetics of your product design intact, by adding full on-demand interaction and visual feedback on any surface with a hidden display below the interactive surface.

Touch on Any Surface
To create a clean look and feel, bring any surface to life by making it react to touch and gesture control. For use with lighting control and other systems, Neonode solutions include support for multi-touch and custom gestures.

Touch Controls
Easily add touch interaction to any product. Support for single or multi-touch gestures input, by swiping or tapping your finger to control your system.

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