Neonode’s zForce CORE sensing technology is the world’s preferred touch technology for e-readers today.

It is the first choice for tablet and e-reader manufacturers because it:

  • Operates on all screen types and provides a crystal-clear viewing experience in any lighting condition, even bright sunlight
  • High-resolution with unlimited gestures, air gestures, multi-touch, and sweeps
  • Runs on electronic paper displays that creates a readable experience close to ink on paper because it reflects light like ordinary paper
  • Operates on any type of LCD or OLED
  • Provides a 100% clear viewing experience
  • Can be applied to any flat surface
  • Touch detection for any object
  • Very low power utilization – remains in stand-by mode without a recharge for months
  • A smooth touch experience with no required pressure for touch detection
  • Greater industrial design flexibility for equipment and device manufacturers

Neonode’s zForce CORE solution for tablets and e-readers is already found in tier-one products worldwide.