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Drive the Future of Next Generation Head-up Displays

HUD Obstruction Detection

Ensure 100% visibility of projected information in next-generation head-up displays.

Make spectacular next-generation Head-Up Displays (HUD) with Neonode's unique Obstruction Detection sensor solution. Powered by Neonode’s proprietary zForce® technology, our HUD Obstruction Detection solution uses advanced optical sensing to immediately detect incoming foreign objects that may compromise HUD projections. Removing the need to rely on back-up displays or mechanical dials means greater creative freedom in future cockpit designs.

With a solid track record in human-machine interface (HMI) solutions within the automotive industry, Neonode has been working with automotive OEM and tier-ones for many years and our technology has already been deployed in some five million vehicles around the globe.

USPs - HUD Obstruction Detection


Real-time Detection of Any Object

Sensitive optical sensing technology that can detect foreign objects smaller than a millimeter wide or as thin as a fraction of a millimeter.


Easy Integration with any HUD Projection Unit

Easy to integrate without adding any noticeable change to the design of the projection unit, regardless of size or position in the cockpit.


Electromagnetic Compatible

Neonode's technology is robust in electromagnetic environments, eliminating effects like electromagnetic interference (EMI).


Adaptable to Environmental Influences

Compliant temperature grade for automotive electronic components. Robust to ambient and strong light without compromising accuracy.

HUD Obstruction Detection
HUD Obstruction Detection

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HUD Obstruction Detection

Enable the head-up displays of the future with Neonode technology.

HUD Obstruction Solutions - Applications

HUD Object Detection - 1200x900

HUD Foreign Object Detection for Automotive

The display projector which is responsible for projecting the information on the windshield is often placed on top of the dashboard. This is an area where drivers often store objects like parking tickets and phone cables which risk blocking the projection and hindering the driver seeing critical information. Our zForce optical sensing technology will detect and warn of any foreign object up to just a fraction of a millimeter in thickness. It is also easy to integrate without adding any noticeable change to the design of the HUD unit.

Avionics HUD - 1200x900

HUD Object Detection for Aviation

From light aircraft to large passenger jets, many planes project critical flight information directly in the pilot's line of sight with robust HUD technologies. While often the displays in aircraft are projected onto optical-grade, high-resolution glass that hangs from the ceiling, our object detection makes antithetical HUD designs possible in flight deck applications. Neonode's optical sensing technology is currently deployed in aeronautical applications, including 3D navigational systems.

CTA - HUD Obstruction Detection

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