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In-Air Interaction Using Holographic Images

Holographic Touch

Create a magical future with interactive holographic displays.

Neonode is making the future a reality by enabling intuitive and responsive interactivity with holographic displays, without the need for special headsets or equipment. With only bare hands and the naked eye, our technology enables users to point, select, scroll, swipe, zoom and spin holographic images in mid-air.

By integrating Neonode Touch Sensor Modules with revolutionary projected imagery, holographic displays can be used to amaze and delight. Holograms also provide added security when users enter personal information such as PIN codes, as images can be invisible to passers-by. Our proven technology has been rolled out in holographic pin-pads, smart toys, control panels and medical devices.

Neonode partners with some of the leading global holographic plate providers to make your next application a reality.

Add never seen before user experiences with interactive holograms.

USPs - Holographic Touch


Touch and Gesture Control

Intuitive user interaction makes adoption fast, with common gestures such as point to select, tap to click, swipe to scroll and pinch to zoom.


Security with Invisible Interfaces

Projected holographic displays can only be seen in direct view, so are hidden to by passers-by. Perfect for personal information like PIN codes.

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Hygienic and Safe Interactions

Reduce the spread of pathogens and increase consumer confidence by removing the need to touch surfaces. Perfect for public spaces.


Extreme Wow-factor for Brands

Delight customers with memorable applications that will amaze. Perfect for brand building and gaining the competitive edge.

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How Holographic Touch Works

Holographic technology uses mirrored projection plates which redirect light emanating from a hidden LCD display to create a floating image.

These images can then be made interactive with Neonode’s Touch Sensor Modules. Our technology uses infrared lasers to detect ‘touches’ when a user interacts with different areas of the interface. Input is then handled in the same way as a touch panel, making user adoption essentially seamless.

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How to Implement Holographic Touch

Holographic plates enable in-air image projection of an ordinary LCD screen, which is projected 90 degrees away from the screen. The projection plates consists of at least two layers of mirror arrays and are positioned at 45° from the display. The plate redirect light emanating from the display to create the floating image.

Neonode's Touch Sensor Module is positioned underneath the projection plate, where its interactive area covers the projected image, making it possible to interact with the in-air interface by simply touching it.

Get Started with Holographic Implementation

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Holographic Customer Implementations


7-Eleven | Holographic Self Service Registers

7-Eleven are delighting customers’ with holographic self-service checkout machines in Japan. Customers can scan their goods and finalize their purchase by poking the air to interact with the display. Payment is also accepted by 100% touchless methods.

Maxell Aqua Park Tunnel

Maxell Aqua Park | Holographic Edutainment Units

Maxell is making aquariums a little more magical with holographic edutainment units. Exciting and safe, these ethereal screens offer a fun way to impart information and inspire learning, so now adults and children alike can learn about aquatic creatures via interactive holograms.

HoloMed Header

Holo Industries | Holographic Medical Devices

Holo Industries introduces transformative holographic equipment for medical carts, patient monitors and other hospital equipment help to protect patients and medical staff by virtually eliminating surface contact on high touchpoint devices in hospitals and medical centres.

Hotel Reception - 2000x1000

Arribatec | Holographic Hotel Check-in System

Arribatec, a global hospitality and digital business solutions provider, teamed up with Holo Industries, the creator of Holographic TouchTM, to develop the world’s first holographic check-in system for the hotels, allowing staff to personally attend to guests with other value-add services.

Rich Image - Tsugawa Ohello

Tsugawa for Megahouse | Othello Arcade Game

Arcade players in Japan can enjoy challenging each other in a classic game of Othello, with a modern twist using the Holographic Touch implementation.

Is this the future? You can hit the latest Othello without touching it! Mega House Press Release (

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