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Optical Sensing Technology


Optical sensing technology

zForce (zero force) is the name for Neonode’s patented optical sensing technology built on infrared light, invisible to the human eye. zForce can sense any type of object, determine its size, its pressure on a surface, its depth (3D), its velocity and even its proximity to any type of surface.

zForce technology consists of a set of light emitters and detectors, an optical light guide with lenses and a controller IC that is connected to a host. The host runs Neonode´s proprietary embedded software stack and is connected to the controller. The controller IC regulates the light emitters, that emit short pulses of light in an intended sensing/interactive plane. The controller continuously monitors the light that is collected by the detectors and checks the ambient light in order to calibrate the system to work in all light conditions. Objects in the light path of the sensor cause intensity shifts in the received light. This information is used to initiate tracking of the objects. The size and position of each object is reported back to the host. By combining the measured value from a number of detectors, the position and object size are calculated. Compensations are also made for dust and other small particles on the optical surfaces, as well as for variations in component quality.

USPs - zForce


Robust Light Source Technology

Robust to electrical noise, electrically conducted interferences, radio frequencies, ambient light, strong light and works in wide temperature ranges.


Multi-touch and Gesture Control

Configurable multi-touch interaction or gesture control. Can detect two touchpoints simultaneously, whether the input is fingers or other objects.

Snappy Interaction

High Scanning Frequency & Low Latency

High scanning frequency, low latency and high accuracy make our technology ideal for applications intended for harsh environments.

Freedom of Design

Complete Freedom of Design

Creativity and design do not need to be compromised with Neonode's custom and bespoke sizing options, which enables flexible integration.

zForce Technology

Infrared Touch - Kiosk - 1200x900

Reflective Platform

Neonode's reflective technology detects and traces objects using reflected infrared light. Our sensor module is comprised of an optical system arranged to combine emitted IR beams and receiver fields of the same apertures. IR light beams are emitted perpendicular to the output window, while the receivers field-of-view is centered at a certain angle left and right. The infrared lasers have a configurable scanning frequency of up to 900Hz, can track movement with 1.5mm accuracy, and have a response time up to 10 milliseconds.

Rugged Touch 1200x900

Blocking Platform

Neonode's optical blocking technology is a light blocking technology which provides multi-touch interaction using a minimum of components, making it a cost-effective solution for high-volume applications. When an object such is present it blocks a portion of the light and the position of the object is calculated. Touch area and size works on any surface and it is tailored for ultra low latency and power consumption. It can be customized to fit any resolution, power consumption. Available in a range of lengths, both vertical or horizontal integration is possible for greater design freedom.

Technical Overview

zForce Optical Reflective Technology - Basic Principles

zForce Optical Reflective Technology - Basic Principles

zForce Optical Reflective Technology - Tracking Objects

zForce Optical Reflective Technology - Tracking Objects

zForce Optical Blocking Technology - Basic Principles

zForce Optical Blocking Technology - Basic Principles

zForce Optical Blocking Technology - Tracking an Object

zForce Optical Blocking Technology - Tracking an Object

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