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Computing Platform


Transforming Driving for a Better Tomorrow

MultiSensing is a computing platform consisting of an advanced, scalable software framework that supports the development of robust and efficient driver and in-cabin monitoring features, a versatile and easy-to-use toolkit, and dedicated cloud services.

The MultiSensing software uses information from cabin-facing cameras and other sensors plus vehicular data to deliver context-aware driver and in-cabin monitoring features for improved safety and convenience. Utilizing advanced machine learning and sensor fusion algorithms, MultiSensing delivers accurate high-level functionality – such as determining the driver distraction or drowsiness levels, the driver’s gaze direction and cabin occupancy – in a robust and efficient manner.

The MultiSensing software is preconfigured to detect many driver attributes, such as eye openness, hand positioning, blink frequency, gaze direction and head posture. Such attributes are used as building blocks for built-in, high-level features, including driver distraction and drowsiness detection. These, in turn, can also be used to enable custom high-level functions, for instance dynamic cabin and screen illumination and active-noise cancellation based on ear coordinates in a 3D space.

Extreme Flexibility and Low System Requirements

The MultiSensing software has a very small computational footprint and is compatible with a wide range of camera types, including RGB, near-infrared and time-of-flight cameras, as well as a wide range of camera positions. This makes MultiSensing an excellent choice both as a standalone solution and as a drop-in replacement for existing driver monitoring systems, enabling manufacturers to build GSR-compliant driver-monitoring systems in a time and cost-efficient way.

Enabling Rapid Development of Innovative New Features

The MultiSensing platform also enables rapid development and launch of new features thanks to its advanced machine learning and sensor fusion algorithms and extensive use of synthetic training data. To simplify and streamline the integration and feature development processes, Neonode also provides user-friendly and easy-to-use customization and integration tools as well as expert engineering support.

The MultiSensing toolkit consists of two tools: Remote Visualizer, which is a Windows tool for data analysis and configuration of the MultiSensing software framework, and an Android device, which features a full version of the MultiSensing software framework and allows simple and rapid testing in different vehicles.

MultiSensing Toolkit

MultiSensing Toolkit

Remote Visualizer

The Remote Visualizer tool allows for simple introspection of intermediate results and sensor data. It is used to configure the MultiSensing software framework.

Android Device for Field Testing

An Android device with a full version of the MultiSensing software framework allows for quick and simple tests using the device’s built-in camera and processing hardware.

Allowing Customers to Focus on Essentials

Using the hardware-agnostic MultiSensing platform, customers can save time and resources by focusing their resources on creating high-level functionality rather than developing the underlying structure from the ground up. Thanks to its modular structure and efficient toolchain, the MultiSensing platform provides a resource-efficient and future-proof driver and in-cabin monitoring system that is easy to adopt, trivial to maintain and scales well with future needs.

The MultiSensing platform is constantly updated with additional features and functions, compliance with new regulations and usability improvements – making it the obvious choice for driver and in-cabin monitoring solutions, both now and in the future.

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