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Human Intelligence for Your System


Human Intelligence and Flexibility for Your System.

MultiSensing® is Neonode's proprietary technology for Machine Perception.

Utilizing the latest advances in machine learning in combination with our in-house synthetic data factory, Neonode’s camera-based MultiSensing solution can interpret and understand a wide range of objects, situations and contexts.

Using purely synthetic data to train our neural networks, we are in absolute control of both the images shown to the network and the labels needed for training. Transcending manually annotated real-world data, MultiSensing is able to go beyond the limits of traditional neural networks in accuracy, scope, and efficiency.

USPs - MultiSensing


Discern the Relevant From Immaterial

Program MultiSensing to recognize anything or anyone. Teach it to understand the things it must see, and what it should ignore.


Rapid Iteration of Data and Networks

Neonode's in-house render-farm can produce massive datasets in just hours, enabling rapid iterations on both data and networks.


Your Choice of Platform and Camera

MultiSensing runs on Windows, Linux, QNX and Android. It accepts camera inputs from RGB, IR, TOF, pinhole, wide-angle or fisheyes.


Incorporate Proprietary CAD Models

Use your own CAD designs to fine tune existing MultiSensing solutions or create brand new ones catering to specific requirements and needs.

Neonode's MultiSensing Software

MultiSensing’s core software is built according to automotive ASPICE software and project practices, leading to robust yet highly-flexible software. On this foundation, expansions and customer-specific addons are easy to introduce and maintain.

How Neonode Leverages Synthetic Data to Create Best in Class DMS Functionality

By generating synthetic data and controlling the whole machine learning pipeline, Neonode's MultiSensing software platform is is built to deliver best-in-class performance for Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring.

Learn how our use of synthetic data allows us to generate features that would not be possible using real world inputs.

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MultiSensing Software Library

The MultiSensing software library is a licensable software library which enables advanced Machine Perception solutions such as Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring. The library features advanced artificial intelligence which together with sensor fusion algorithms and state machines interprets camera streams and sensor information. The behavior of the library can be customized to fit the specific needs of a customer, for instance adapting the output of the library to be in a given coordinate space. The library is designed for easy integration to embedded automotive platforms as well as standard consumer devices .

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MultiSensing Toolkit

Neural networks and their interaction with logic and algorithms can often be challenging to understand. That’s why Neonode’s MultiSensing Platform includes the MultiSensing Toolkit, which makes it simple to see what the network sees, how it responds, and how the data is processed by the MultiSensing Software Library. It lets customers and partners tune and tweak the MultiSensing software to fit specific needs. For instance, adding an event that will trigger when an object is within a certain region, such as a hand in a 3D volume, or when a specific object is on a conveyor belt.

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MultiSensing Cloud Service

Employing many instances of MultiSensing, for instance in surveillance or in vehicles, can quickly lead to a data output overload. To help with interpreting the combined output from a large number of MultiSensing instances, Neonode provides the MultiSensing Cloud Service, where data logs are uploaded by MultiSensing instances to our cloud where the data can be easily analysed and presented.