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Pioneers in Optical Sensing Technologies


Neonode has been pioneering optical sensing technology for over two decades.

R&D is deeply rooted within Neonode. We have over 100 patents and are proud to serve customers all over the world, including those in even the most demanding industries, such as medical technology, automotive, aviation and consumer electronics. Neonode technology is deployed in more than 90 million products worldwide.

We work primarily with two technology platforms: zForce® and MultiSensing®. zForce is an IR-based, optical sensing technology that can be used to create robust, value-adding solutions for touch, gesture sensing, and object detection. MultiSensing is a computing platform that features advanced AI algorithms and can be used to create solutions for camera-based scene analysis, for instance driver and in-cabin monitoring features in vehicles.



MultiSensing is Neonode’s proprietary computing platform that drives our Machine Perception solutions.

MultiSensing combines external information from cameras and other sensors with advanced machine learning and sensor fusion algorithms to deliver accurate context-aware data that can be used to determine human sentiment, gaze direction, hand position, alertness or occupancy.

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Touch Sensor Module insides


zForce (zero force) is the name for Neonode’s patented optical sensing technology built on infrared light, invisible to the human eye. zForce can sense any type of object, determine its position, direction and size.

zForce technology consists of a set of light emitters and detectors, an optical light guide with lenses and a Neonode zForce ASIC that is connected to a host. The host runs Neonode´s proprietary embedded software stack and is connected to the controller. The ASIC regulates the light emitters, that emit short pulses of light in an intended sensing/interactive area. The ASIC continuously monitors the light that is collected by the detectors and checks the ambient light in order to calibrate the system to work in all light conditions. Objects in the light path of the sensor cause intensity shifts in the received light. This information is used to initiate tracking of the objects. The size and position of each object is reported back to the host. By combining the measured value from a number of detectors, the position, object size, direction and gestures are calculated. Compensations are also made for dust and other small particles on the optical surfaces, as well as for variations in component quality.

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Touch Sensor Modules

Touch Sensor Modules

Neonode Touch Sensor Modules are a product built with our patented zForce technology that allows for fast and convenient implementation of contactless touch. They can be retrofitted to existing machines, or with their sleek design, be seamlessly integrated into new applications.

Neonode Touch Sensor Modules come in lengths from 101 mm to 374 mm and support display sizes up to 15.6 inches. Custom lengths are also available on request.

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