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Our Foundation


R&D is deeply rooted within Neonode. For more than two decades, we have pioneered technology for optical sensing. This has resulted in over 100 patents and demanding customers in different industries, such as printers, medical technology, and automotive, deploying our technology in more than 85 million products worldwide.

We work with two technology platforms: zForce® and MultiSensing®. zForce is an IR-based, optical sensing technology that can be used to create robust, value-adding solutions for touch, gesture sensing, and object detection. MultiSensing is a computing platform that features advanced AI algorithms and can be used to create solutions for camera-based scene analysis, for instance driver and in-cabin monitoring features in vehicles.

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zForce is Neonode’s patented and versatile optical sensing technology for touch, gesture sensing, and object detection. Application areas include touch displays on e-readers, printers, and medtech systems as well as in vehicles, aircraft, and marine vessels. The technology also enables touch on other surfaces and on holographic images floating mid air as well as gesture sensing and object detection.

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MultiSensing is Neonode’s proprietary computing platform for efficient and safety-enhancing driver and in-cabin monitoring features in vehicles and other demanding applications.

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