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Parallel Plane Solutions
Revolutionize Your Customer Experience with Contactless Touch

Contactless Touch

Hyper-intuitive contactless touch technology for a superior customer experience.

Whether you're looking to upgrade an existing machine or create a brand new application, Neonode's contactless touch technology is a dependable and convenient option that will keep your customers safe - and amazed. Simply place a Neonode Touch Sensor Module over any surface, such as a digital screens or a series of buttons, and users can then push, swipe, scroll, pinch, or even sign their name without touching a thing.

Using infrared lasers with a configurable scanning frequency of up to 900Hz, our Touch Sensor Modules track movement with 1.5mm accuracy and have an extremely fast response time, as quick as 10 milliseconds.

Any surface, such as a touchscreen or control panel, can become touchless with Neonode's solutions.

USPs - Contactless Touch

Contactless Touch Icon

Hygienic and Safe Interactions

Reduce the spread of pathogens and increase consumer confidence by removing the need to touch surfaces. Perfect for public spaces.

Snappy Interaction

High Scanning Frequency & Low Latency

High scanning frequency, low latency and high accuracy make our technology ideal for applications intended for harsh environments.

Keep the Gloves On!

Active Touch with a Range of Inputs

Unlike traditional capacitive touch, our Touch Sensor Modules accept inputs from a range of inputs, such as gloves and other stylus instruments.

A Familiar Interface

Interaction on Any Surface

Place our Touch Sensor Module on any surface to enable interaction, such as etched glass, stone, metal or wood — the possibilities are endless.

How it works

How Contactless Touch Works

Neonode Touch Sensor Modules provide an easy and cost-effective way of creating touch-free applications. With just a single module placed above and in parallel with a digital screen or other surface, an invisible infrared plane is projected slightly above the device which creates an interactive area that can be configured to work with any underlying interface.

The super-slim design makes it easy to retrofit onto existing applications of choice, or fully integrate into brand new designs.

Learn About Touch Sensor Modules
How to implement

How to Implement Contactless Touch

Neonode makes implementing contactless touch easy. Simply connect the Touch Sensor Module via USB and it will immediately be recognized as a (HID) touchscreen digitizer through Plug-and-Play. It can then be positioned at a preferred distance parallel to the display and configured via our user-friendly zForce Programmer tool. Configuration using our evaluation tools can also be achieved with Neonode Workbench, SDK, or Arduino Library (I2C).

Neonode's free 3D step file can be loaded into your preferred CAD development tool to produce a chassis to hold the TSM in place.

Get Started with Contactless Touch

CTA - Contactless Touch

Speak to an expert about your contactless touch requirements.

Contactless Touch Customer Implementations

Clardiges Foyer - 2000x1000

Classical style and modern technology can work in harmony. Claridge’s hotel recently proved this when they updated their 18th century elevator with futuristic Contactless Touch technology. Now guests experience ultramodern function while enjoying a heritage that carries many tales from history.

Changi Self Service Check-in - 2000x1000

Singapore Changi Airport | Self-service Check-in Machines

Singapore's Changi International Airport is nothing short of iconic. Named the world’s best airport for eight consecutive years, it’s practically a tourist destination in itself. At the beginning of the 2020 pandemic the airport upgraded its self-service check-in machines to make them contactless at rapid speed, being one of the first airports to respond to the changing environmental factors.

MAD Elevator Installation

101 Queensway West Medical Building | Contactless Elevators

What makes 101 Queensway West in Toronto special isn’t its location, but rather its mission. It houses a plethora of health care providers, ranging from pediatrics to physiotherapy to dentistry. As such, it is a space where public health is top of mind, and even the small details such as the elevator buttons take into consideration the reduction in the spread of germs using contactless touch technology.

Hamad Self-service Checkin - 2000x1000

Hamad International Airport | Self-service Check-in Machines

Qatar's award-winning airport transformed their infrastructure to create a safer, more hygienic traveler experience amidst the pandemic - completely remotely with digital instruction using the plug-and-play retro fit solution from Happymeter.

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