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Hero Image - Object Detection
Advanced Foreign Object Detection

Object Detection

Foreign object detection that can detect objects of all geometric shapes and orientations in real time.

Neonode's Object Detection is a state-of-the-art, cost-effective solution that utilizes advanced infrared sensing capabilities to identify foreign objects on displays or other surfaces, which can provide the safety needed for machines that rely on uninterrupted operation.

With its exceptional accuracy, sensitivity and low power consumption, this sophisticated system is able to detect objects as small as a grain of sand. Low electromagnetic interference makes it ideal for even the most demanding environments.

Neonode's advanced infrared sensing zForce technology scans for small objects.

USPs - Object Detection

Integrity with Foreign Object Detection

Immediately detect interference from any object, regardless of it's size, thickness, geometric shape, or orientation.

Low Electromagnetic Interference

Neonode's technology is robust in electromagnetic environments, eliminating effects like electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Complete Freedom of Design

Creativity and design do not need to be compromised with Neonode's custom and bespoke sizing options, which enables flexible integration.

Standardized Manufacturing

Standard components and manufacturing processes provides fast and incomplex implementation, ensuring a cost-effective solution.

HUD Obstruction Detection
HUD Obstruction Detection

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Object Detection for Automotive Innovation

Learn how Neonode's Object Detection technology enables automotive HUD innovation.

zForce Optical Blocking Technology - Tracking an Object

How Object Detection Works

Neonode's Object Detection is powered by zForce, our patented infrared-based optical sensing technology, which has continually been improved and refined since 2009.

Using a sophisticated blocking methodology, a sensing area is created with an array of photoelectric sensors that emit and receive light signals, which can cover a defined surface area. When a foreign object is placed within the sensing area, it immediately blocks the light signal from reaching the opposing side and a notification about the obstruction, size and/or position of the object can be sent to a user or application.

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Customized to Your Design

Neonode's Object Detection solutions are customized and designed straight into the customer's product, using the exact size and responsivity required by the application.

Neonode's core blocking IP is configured by Neonode engineers on a project by project basis. It can run on a dedicated processor, but can also be ported to the customer preferred target hardware.

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CTA - Head-up Object Detection

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HUD Object Detection Expanded - 2000x1000


Obstruction Detection for Head-Up Displays

Watch Neonode's Per Nohlert, Director Business Development, give an introduction to Obstruction Detection for Head-Up Displays.

Watch the Obstruction Detection Presentation