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Hero Image - Rugged Touch
Conquer Tough Environments with Rugged Performance

Rugged Touch

Provide intuitive infrared touch capabilities on surfaces that face extreme conditions.

Some surfaces are not compatible with traditional touch inputs technologies such a capacitive touch (PCAP) and resistive touch. Surfaces subject to outdoor, dusty or wet environments require protection against vandalism or are subject to electromagnetic interference (EMI) require touch technologies that deliver uncompromising ruggedness.

Neonode's Infrared Touch is the perfect solution for bringing high-performance touch interaction to rugged environments. With flexible integration separate from the display, high performance touch sensing, resilience against EMI, low EMI output and compatibility with touch and touchless interaction, Neonode's rugged touch solutions offer unparalleled performance in the toughest environments.

Rugged Touch Features

High EMC & Fortified Against EMI

Neonode's infrared touch technology operates robustly in electromagnetic environments and withstands electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Protected Against Surface Contamination

Neonode's Rugged Touch is built to withstand surface contamination and will operate despite water droplets, salt water and dust.

Engineered for Gloved Input

Neonode's Rugged Touch works with gloved use, accepting input from everything from thin medical gloves to thick protective work gloves.

Works With Display Protectors

Our Rugged Touch works perfectly on top of any display protection, including thick cover glass, metal meshes and other protective display solutions.

Touch Technology for Commercial Applications
Touch Technology for Commercial Applications

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Touch Technology for Commercial Applications

Learn how Neonode's infrared touch technology enables rugged applications.

Rugged Touch Applications

Card - Smart Lockers 4

Smart Lockers

Expectations for last mile deliveries have changed drastically in the last few years, with customers wanting flexible ways of receiving their packages. With Neonode's Rugged Touch, advanced touch interaction that remains fully operational in tough all-year outdoor conditions can be added to smart lockers, providing end-users with a snappy interface that never fails.

Card - In-vehicle Displays

In-vehicle Displays

Given the high EMI environment within a vehicle, supporting advanced gesture control and multitouch interfaces is not an easy task for capacitive touch interfaces. Neonode's Rugged Touch provides reliable touch interaction that can also enable innovative soft touch buttons and gesture controls outside the main display area.

Card - Medical Devices 3

Medical Equipment

In places where gloved use is mandatory, gels and other fluids are commonplace and where contaminants need to be removed with strong cleaning agents, Neonode's infrared-powered Rugged Touch allows for multi-finger and gesture controls with without sacrificing image clarity or device longevity.

Card - Industrial Controls

Industrial Controls

Whether it is for replacing physical controls with touch inputs on displays, adding interaction to printed controls or to address the need for interaction with thick gloves, Neonode's Rugged Touch excels at industrial controls. Combining extreme touch performance with industrial-grade ruggedness, it is the perfect companion in industrial environments.

Excels in Wet Conditions

Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules are built to operate in rough conditions.

In this demonstration on the Structab MegTax 410 taximeter, water is continuously sprayed over the touch interactive area with functions such as pointing, swiping and scrolling still working.

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Structab Success Story - Hero Image

Success Story

Stuctab Tamper-proof Taxi Meter

Structab is a taxi solutions provider with decades of experience. Read how they designed their latest taximeter MegTax 410 to withstand environments challenged by EMI.

Read About the Stuctab Taxi Meter

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