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Fuyang Sixth Peoples Hospital

Fuyang Sixth People’s Hospital Deploys Self-Service Kiosk with Easpeed Contactless Touch

Easpeed, Value Added Reseller of Neonode products, have deployed a Contactless Touch solution installed in self-service kiosks at Fuyang Sixth People’s Hospital.

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COVID-19 situation was in control but new cases are surging in some parts of China. For COVID-19 prevention and control, Fuyang Sixth People’s Hospital recently introduced Easpeed holographic contactless touch medical self-service kiosk. No physical interaction is required  to kiosk screen while stopping virus and germs spreading. Out of 110 planned installation in Fuyang Sixth People’s hospital, 10 units are in operation since the beginning of Chinese New Year holiday, mainly deployed in outpatient hall, Children Blood transfusion, Observation room and will gradually deploy in various medical departments in coming days. It is easy to use and very effective in preventing the secondary transmission of viruses and bacteria.

Compared to traditional self-service kiosks, Easpeed holographic unit provides contactless touch interaction with great responsiveness, ease of operation and privacy protection, less then 30ms response time with higher accuracy than traditional “touch” self-service kiosk. Anhui Provincial Hospital, The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui Medical University, The First Affiliated Hospital of Anhui University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Hefei First People's Hospital and dozens more are adopting Easpeed’s holographic contactless touch kiosk.

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