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Four Reasons Why Your Customers Will Engage With a Contactless Installation

Engaging with elevators and different types of interactive kiosks through contactless touch is both effective and safe. Neonode Area Sales Director Bastien Beauvois gives four reasons why.

New paradigms for controlling interactive kiosks, vending machines or even elevators have appeared in the last few months. Gesture-based technology requires users to learn a new physical language whilst camera-based systems may raise privacy concerns.

There is no reason why a solution can’t be both effective and simple: Neonode Touch Sensor Modules (TSMs) enable users to interact with a 2D display or button panel like they’ve always done it, this time however the 2D interface is dematerialised and floating in mid-air 3-5 cm right in front of the screen.

Improved feeling of well-being

Customers are more likely to engage with environments and devices that don’t affect their health. Neonode TSMs remove the risks of cross surface contamination and allow brands to create a comfortable and healthy environment, valued by their customers.

Intuitive sense of agency

The TSM in its enclosure is positioned alongside the length or width of the display or control panel. It is obvious where the parallel plane is floating in mid-air and as intuitive as interacting with a physical display. This sense of agency can be reinforced by using instructional elements such as markers, signage and tutorial videos to indicate where the parallel plane is, or even the presence of an agent in the early phase of deployment to assist users.

Quick response time

The response time of a TSM is comparable to the refresh rate of a P-CAP touch screen. The TSM uses infrared sensors like an optical mouse, there is no software running on the host machine and no image processing is required on the device. The algorithms running on the TSM are optimized and the refresh rate is configured to be kept at a level unnoticeable by the human sensory system.

Fine accuracy and resolution

The Neonode TSM was designed to control small icons on personal computer screens in the same way as P-CAP enables touch on tablets and touch-enabled laptops. The TSM easily supports applications designed for kiosks, which tend to have larger icons to accommodate a wide range of user profiles.

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