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Clemens Mache HY-LINE

Interview with Clemens Mache, Business Manager for Touchscreens, from Neonode Partner HY-LINE

Clemens Mache, Business Manager for Touchscreens at HY-LINE, explains how Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules enables touchless interaction in HY-LINE's Flying Touch solution.


My name is Clemens Mache from HY-LINE in Germany. I am Business Development Manager for touchscreens.

What is Flying Touch?

This is our Flying Touch! Flying Touch is a state of the art contactless input device developed by HY-LINE engineers. It's the answer to many challenges nowadays, such as higher hygiene requirements and fast, easy implementation. This Flying Touch makes it easy for companies to upgrade a system to Contactless Touch.

Why did HY-LINE select the Neonode Touch Sensor Module for the Flying Touch solution?

Because the Neononode sensor is reliable in any environment indoor, outdoor and in rought environments. It's working under direct sunlight, during rain, in high EMI environments, and with any objects - Even with very thick gloves. Neonode is also a long term partner of HY-LINE with focus on industrial and automotive products.

For which industries is Flying Touch developed?

For every terminal that is used from different persons in public but also in companies. For example, ticket terminals,access controller terminals, elevators and coffee machines, and also for safety applications. It's possible to add the flying touch to an existing resistive or capacitive touchscreen.

What are the advantages?

The advantage of the Flying Touch is that it's an easy and cost effective retrofit solution with different mounting options, one is double sided tape magnets and screw holes behind the double sided tape. It's a standard product, but we also can do a customized solution in any size and design with our engineers. Even a Flying Holographic Touch system is possible. It's so easy just plug in USB and you have retrofitted your system to Contactless Touch.

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