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Beta Firmware Release

New Firmware Available for Neonode Touch Sensor Modules

Touch Sensor Modules
Firmware Release
Contactless Touch

A new beta firmware version has been released and is now available for all users of the Neonode Touch Sensor Modules worldwide.

This brand new firmware version, called Neonode Touch Sensor Module Firmware 2.0-BETA (NTSMF 2.0-BETA), enables the possibility to permanently save parameters in the sensor module through the new software tool zForce Programmer.

Highlights in Brief

  • Possibility to persist parameters between reboots

  • A brand new tool called zForce Programmer that allows flashing the firmware, as well as persisting parameters, in the sensor module

  • Possibility to set (and persist) a custom scanning area, from very small up to full extended range, using zForce Programmer

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