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Auto HUD Tech Forum 2022

Auto HUD Tech Forum 2022, Suzhou, China

Neonode is traveling to China – well, virtually – for the Auto HUD Tech Forum live in Suzhou and online on November 16–17, 2022. We’ll present our innovative Head-Up Display Object Detection solutions and share our insights into where we see automotive interfaces heading in the future.

Take a look ahead for a look into the future of automotive interfaces. Head-up displays are rapidly making inroads to become the de facto standard bearer for automotive interfaces in next-generation vehicles. What better way to welcome the future of automotive interfaces than joining us for the Auto HUD Tech Forum in Suzhou, China?

We’re presenting our Head-Up Display Object Detection technology, a technology that paves the way for next-generation HUDs by ensuring unobstructed HUDs for safe driving and safety compliance – eliminating the need for fallbacks such as traditional displays and dashboards.

Powered by Neonode’s proprietary zForce® technology, our HUD Object Detection solution uses advanced optical sensing to detect any static and incoming foreign objects that may compromise HUD projections. Easily integrated into next-generation HUD systems, we’re showcasing how our solution empowers the industry to push ahead with HUD-focused interfaces without being hamstrung by legacy fallback options.

We’ll also share our insights into where we see the industry heading in the future based on our industry expertise, market research and customer insights.

We hope to see you there.

Event Details

Date: November 16-17, 2022
Venue: Wyndham Grand Suzhou Fenhu Hotel Suzhou, No. 888, Luxin Avenue, Fenhu High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Suzhou, China
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Our Representatives

Neonode's representatives at Auto HUD Tech Forum 2022: Per Nohlert and Daniel Meesak.

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