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InCabin.Sensing Europe 2024


Join us in Berlin in June for the 2024 European InCabin.Sensing event, where we will present our driver and in-cabin monitoring system, built on our proprietary MultiSensing® technology, focusing on how to manufacturers can design safer vehicles with camera-based hands-on-wheel detection.

Where: Hotel Titanic Chaussee, Berlin, Germany

In the automotive industry, staying competitive and developing new products that enhance occupant safety, user experience and comfort are crucial. The market for advanced, intelligent in-cabin sensing technologies which blend state-of-the-art camera and HMI technology is expanding at a speed never experienced before.

Learn more about the latest technologies and innovations at the InCabin.Sensing event, where over 100 automotive experts, OEMs, Tier 1 suppliers and research institutes come together and discuss the latest technical advancements, market trends and opportunities.

Design Safer Vehicles With Hands-on-wheel Detection Using Existing In-cabin Cameras

Don't miss Neonode on stage where we will discuss why hands-on-wheel detection is essential when introducing autonomous driving and where existing hands-on-wheel sensor solutions have dangerous limitations.

Knowing that the driver is ready to take back control is crucial for a safe switching between autonomous and manual driving. Most automated driving systems on the market today therefore require the driver to keep their hands on the steering wheel at all times. Today, this is verified using sensor technology within the steering wheel. However, these systems can easily be fooled. Using existing in-cabin cameras is a cost-effective way to create a hands-on-wheel detection system that is harder to spoof.

In this session, you will learn:

  • Why hands-on-wheel detection is essential when introducing autonomous driving

  • Existing hands-on-wheel sensor solutions and their limitations

  • How to reduce the number of false positives using a camera-based solution

Agnes Jernström, Speaker

Agnes Jernström is a Senior Software Engineer and MultiSensing® specialist at Neonode. MultiSensing® is Neonode’s proprietary technology for Machine Perception which utilizes the latest advances in machine learning combined with in-house generated synthetic data to interpret and understand a wide range of objects, situations, and contexts.

Agnes has broad experience from the automotive industry having worked for leading OEMs in a wide variety of fields such as positioning of autonomous vehicles, gearbox actuation, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. She holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

Agnes Jernström

Agnes Jernström

Software Engineer

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