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Robust, Responsive and Cost Effective Touch In Cars

Press Release

There is an increasing demand for safety and comfort in cars. More complex systems with ever increasing options and features are to be combined with smooth, responsive and intuitive interfaces so that the driver can concentrate on maneuvering the car. This is not an easy task to accomplish.

Apart from the user interface design the car manufacturers will have to adapt to the demand trends (in the business) and the buyer’s preferences and expectations. For many buyers, the infotainment system has recently become a key factor in the decision-making process. In particular, a critical part of a well-designed infotainment system is a touch screen that surpasses the buyer’s expectations in the market segment. The challenge is to offer a robust and responsive touch with a premium feel at a competitive price.

So, what if there is a proven touch solution available at larger screens and at a reduced price. Well, this is now on the table in the shape of Neonode's 2019 touch solution. In this new variation the bill of material is significantly reduced. The robust, low latency, responsive touch is still there.

An affordable solution with a premium feel.

Stefan Holmgren, PhD Senior Optical Engineer at Neonode has written a white paper on the subject. You can find the white paper attached or at;

Press Contact
Åsa Bjurholm, VP Marketing at Neonode,

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