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Neonode’s Contactless Touch Solutions – Optimized for Reducing Viral Transmissions In Public Spaces

Press Release
holographic toch

In light of the spread of COVID-19 worldwide, governments around the world are instituting guidelines that reduce viral transmissions, from washing hands thoroughly and frequently, to social distancing, and even quarantine. While we are confident that these measures are necessary in the near term, we believe there is a longer-term health benefit of advancing new ways to interact with touchscreens and buttons in public places, as in ticket dispensers, kiosks, vending machines, ATMs and elevators, which can pass pathogens from one user to another.

News highlights

  • Providers of public interaction terminals are invited to explore Neonode's full line of plug-and-play sensor modules to quickly make their product “touchless”.
  • Neonode can also offer customized “touchless” solutions for integration into customers’ products.

Neonode’s products and solutions­ are optimized for reducing viral transmissions in hospitals and other public spaces, by enabling contactless interaction with an invisible sheet of light that detects user inputs. This sheet of light can be placed at a removed distance from a button surface to enable users to select buttons without actually touching anything.

This sheet of light can also be aligned with holographic buttons to enable touch interaction with a projected image of a display. These interfaces eliminate physical contact between the user and the surface, reducing the risk of transmissions.

Neonode's lines of plug-and-play sensor modules is available at Large volume manufacturers interested in custom solutions are invited to contact

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