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Neonode Touch Sensor Modules Selected for Touchless Holographic Elevator Rollout in China by Easpeed

Press Release
Contactless Touch
Touch Sensor Module

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, June 18, 2020 — Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ: NEON), is pleased to announce that its touch sensor modules have been selected by Anhui Easpeed Technology Co. (“Easpeed”) to upgrade thousands of elevators in China with holographic button panels.

There are numerous solutions on the market today aimed at reducing contact with elevator buttons, including voice-activated controls, solutions using mobile phones and proximity sensors. Neonode's touch sensor modules stand out for providing excellent touch response, and maintain the familiar touch button interface without risk of spreading pathogens shed on physical buttons.

Easpeed CEO Dong Cheng Han said, “Neonode's touch sensor modules are truly a breed apart from anything we’ve seen. We were able to easily incorporate the touch sensor modules with an in-air projection of a keypad for our elevator customers to provide a futuristic, elegant solution for our times.”

Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode added, “I am proud that Neonode is able to offer a practical and economical solution to address how the public can safely interact with elevator controls, ATMs, gas pumps, restaurant kiosks and other devices. We call it ‘Contactless Touch.’ We are excited to see early adopter Easpeed swiftly moved forward to roll out their holographic button solution with our products across China.”

For more information, please contact:

Investor Relations
David Brunton

Chief Executive Officer
Urban Forssell

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