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Neonode and Finetek Selected for Contactless Elevator Control Panel Rollout in South Korea

Press Release

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, April 8, 2021 — Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ: NEON), is pleased to announce that it has received an order for and will supply touch sensor modules to Finetek, a Neonode value-added reseller, who has been selected by a major elevator OEM in South Korea to install its contactless elevator control panel solutions powered by Neonode’s technology in existing elevators in this market.

According to Finetek, a successful testing phase was recently completed and the contactless control panel modules are currently being installed for trials in existing elevators at multiple locations to monitor customers’ user experience. The product is approved and ready for a full-scale release.

“This rollout decision in South Korea represents a great milestone for Neonode and our contactless touch offering. We hope to see many contactless elevator control panels being installed in the field in the near future. Thanks to a strong cooperation with Finetek, we have yet another competitive product implementation featuring Neonode’s technology and a promising business case in the elevator segment,” said Dr. Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode.

Won-Il Kang, CEO of Finetek said: “Through the collaboration with Neonode, Finetek completed the verification of the operation method and system for non-contact touch solution for the development of related products in 2020. We are preparing for commercialization of a variety of contactless touch products for elevators, kiosks, ATMs and automotive information systems, and we are expecting that these efforts will generate positive business outcomes for our company as we are moving into a touchless economy.”

For more information, please contact:

Investor Relations
David Brunton
Phone: +1 925 768 0620 

Chief Executive Officer
Urban Forssell

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