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Neonode Releases Third-generation Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring Solution

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Product Release
Driver and In-cabin Monitoring

STOCKHOLM, SWEDEN, June 21, 2023 — Neonode Inc. (NASDAQ: NEON) is delighted to announce the release of its third-generation driver and in-cabin monitoring solution, based on Neonode’s proprietary MultiSensing® platform. This unique software platform represents a significant leap forward in enhancing traffic safety and comfort, with advanced, value-adding driver and in-cabin monitoring features that can be seamlessly deployed in new and existing vehicles.

Current-generation driver and in-cabin monitoring systems are an evolution of the purely General Safety Regulation (GSR)-focused first-generation driver monitoring systems. Like first-generation systems, they still primarily rely on the driver’s eyes to assess distraction and build on top of that legacy technology. To meet future customer requirements, the next generation of driver and in-cabin monitoring systems requires a different approach untethered from legacy solutions. As a third-generation solution, MultiSensing utilizes the power of machine learning and artificial intelligence.

Deviating from the eye-tracking paradigm, MultiSensing takes a holistic approach to the driver and in-cabin monitoring problem that includes vastly more datatypes when assessing the situation inside the vehicle. By leveraging Neonode’s pioneering artificial intelligence and machine perception technologies, the MultiSensing driver and in-cabin monitoring solution exceeds the current industry standard for driver and in-cabin monitoring systems in terms of reliability, availability, accuracy, efficiency and flexibility. This unique approach to driver and in-cabin monitoring enhances performance and robustness, thus improving traffic safety and end-user satisfaction.

MultiSensing is purpose-designed to be a scalable software platform for driver and in-cabin monitoring, offering customers an efficient and scalable software framework and powerful development tools, allowing controlled development and releases of new driver and in-cabin monitoring features with very short lead times. The result is easy and rapid development, allowing customers to easily satisfy end-user needs with unparalleled safety, innovative new features and purposeful over-the-air (OTA) updates.As a further testament to MultiSensing’s scalability, the platform is truly hardware agnostic and has a very small computational footprint. This provides customers with great flexibility in the choice of host system and components. For example, MultiSensing works well with different camera types, even low-resolution ones, and does not impose strict requirements on camera placement.

"We are incredibly proud to introduce the third generation of driver and in-cabin monitoring: MultiSensing," said Urban Forssell, CEO Neonode. "Our engineers have pushed the boundaries of sensor fusion and machine learning algorithms, pioneering a unique approach to training neural networks using synthetic data to deliver a driver and in-cabin software platform with an unparalleled level of performance, robustness and efficiency. We firmly believe that this innovation will have a transformative impact on the driver and in-cabin monitoring market, significantly contributing to making roads safer for everyone."

MultiSensing will be available for demonstration at the upcoming AutoSens InCabin event in Brussels, Belgium on June 20–22, 2023. Industry professionals, automotive enthusiasts and the media are encouraged to visit our booth to experience this groundbreaking technology firsthand. Neonode will also hold a presentation on June 22 at 12:10 pm in the Minerva Room with an in-depth look into how synthetic data enables MultiSensing’s unique driver and in-cabin monitoring capabilities.

For more information, please contact:

Chief Executive Officer
Urban Forssell
Phone: +46 734 10 03 59

Director Marketing
Alana Gordon
Phone: +46 703 682 60 10

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