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MAD PHANTOM Touchless Sensor

Great Expectations: How MAD Elevator worked with one Toronto building to adapt to the new normal

MAD Elevator
Contactless Touch

Learn how MAD Elevator is improving public safety

What makes 101 Queensway West special isn’t its location, but rather its mission. As the office to several health care providers, this building serves as a hub of activity ranging from pediatrics to physiotherapy to dentistry and more. And like many buildings, 101 Queensway has been tasked with operating a public and essential space in a world where the spread of germs and public health is top of mind in every discussion.

One of the many ways in which the pandemic has been transformational is the expectation for public buildings to introduce measures to prevent the spread of germs. These expectations are doubly so when the building in question is in the health-care industry. As more offices return to in-person operations, the challenge has been not only improving public safety, but in making people feel safer as well.

For a company like MAD Elevator, challenges like these are what drives them. The manufacturer of high-end elevator interiors and fixtures collaborated with Swedish technology company Neonode to leverage their expertise in touchless experiences to provided 101 Queensway with an innovative way to address their needs.

The PHANTOM Touchless Sensor allows nearly any elevator manufacturer’s elevator button to become touchless. The passenger simply hovers their finger over the button to select their destination without ever having to touch it. The same is done when calling the elevator from the hallway with the Sherman Touchless. The combination of the PHANTOM system in the elevator and the Sherman Touchless system in the hallway creates a completely touchless experience for passengers.

PHANTOM’s depth sensors only respond to fingers, pens and other similarly-shaped items to ensure there are no accidental pushes from objects such as backpacks or strollers. The physical buttons remain in place to meet code requirements and it is an unobtrusive retrofit option many buildings can do. “With the help of our partners at Neonode, we’ve been able to offer a simple solution that has significant benefit without significant cost” says Steve Reich-Rohrwig, CEO at MAD Elevator.

Urban Forssell, CEO of Neonode says, “Our main focus is contactless touch solutions for elevators and kiosks, where our touch sensor modules provide an intuitive and safe user experience. We believe that our contactless touch solution is the best technology in the market that supports the new health and pandemic-driven paradigm shift where users are becoming more and more reluctant to touch public space devices. The demand for our solutions is very high and we have numerous projects underway for elevators and an array of different kiosks, both retrofit solutions and new installs. We are happy to support MAD Elevator and their different customers in creating safe, intuitive, and value-adding contactless touch solutions. “

PHANTOM Touchless Sensor Installation

The installation of the PHANTOM Touchless sensor has made a real difference for the people at 101 Queensway. Not just in terms of reducing the spread of germs but also in alleviating the anxiety that many of us feel when interacting with elevator buttons. Building property manager Michelle Nucci spoke about the impact it has had. “Tenants are really happy to see that in addition to hand sanitizer, their landlord is taking steps to adapt to the new normal. We’re creating an easier experience for those entering our building”.

What technologies like this represent is an evolution in terms of how we interact with physical spaces and their impact on our well-being. The PHANTOM Touchless Sensor by MAD Elevator provides real, measurable results for those looking to upgrade their buildings’ elevator with a specific focus on health and modernity.

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