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Holographic Application Example

Contactless Touch - Interaction with images floating in-air (holographic)

Contactless Touch
Interactive Kiosks

Contactless touch combined with in-air (holographic) projection is a great way to enable interaction with a display without making any physical contact with it.

Technology that provides precise and accurate means to interact with a device, while eliminating the need for physical contact, is sought after to minimize the transfer of pathogens in public areas. Contactless touch combined with in-air (holographic) projection is useful in simple applications like vending machines or elevator buttons, but it is also well suited for more complex and personal use applications.

Download the white paper to learn the details around the difference between parallel plane and in-air (holographic) contactless touch solutions and why in-air can be more suitable for user interfaces with fine details, as well as from a privacy point of view.

Download this White Paper