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Parallel Plane Solutions

Plug-and-Play Touchless Solutions

Parallel Plane Solutions

A single ultra-slim module that can be fitted onto any screen or surface to make it touchless in minutes.

Our Touch Sensor Modules can easily be retrofitted to existing screens or surfaces to create a contactless touch experience within minutes. Position the Touch Sensor Module above the display while leaving a gap in-between the sensor module and the chosen surface to make an invisible interactive field above your existing interface.

The modules work as touch HID devices over USB or I2C, giving you a fast plug-and-play experience. When connecting it to your system, it will immediately be recognized as a HID touchscreen digitizer and initiate a touch interaction area when hovering above the display or surface. There is not need to modify the user interface.

Personalized configurations can be applied by simply sending a configuration message to the sensor module via the user-friendly zForce Programmer tool. These settings change how the module handles touch input data, making it possible to mount the sensor module alongside any side of a display, regardless of orientation.

Users get the benefit of a fully interactive, multi-touch experience that can be operated in either indoor or outdoor environments, even while wearing gloves.

Why Holographic

Germ Free

Germ- and smudge-free solution for challenging environments.


Delight your customers with impressive holographic experiences.


Added privacy for applications with sensitive requirements.

Lower Maintenance

Reduce maintenance and cleaning.

CT PP Self-service Check-in Kiosk Side

By placing the Touch Sensor Module in parallel with a display, a touchless interaction area is created mid-air.

How it Works

Our Touch Sensor Modules accurately identify and trace objects by detecting reflected infrared light using our proprietary zForce® technology, which is invisible to the human eye.

Being light- based means that our sensor modules are robust to electrical noise and other electrically conducted interferences. Any type of object can be detected, whether it be fingers, rubber or plastic. In-built self-calibration also ensures touches from unwanted objects are ignored, such as passersby, water droplets or insects.

The easiest and most cost-effective way to create a contactless touch solution is to position the Touch Sensor Module above the display, while leaving a gap in-between the sensor module and the chosen display or surface. By raising the Touch Sensor Module, it is possible to interact with an application of choice by simply hovering across the raised Touch Active Area (TAA).

The Parallel Plane Solution is a perfectly suited contactless touch approach for elevators and a variety of kiosk appliances such as self-service kiosks, vending machines, PoS, ATMs, or coffee machines. For advanced designs, sensor modules can also be embedded into new applications. Our team of experts are happy to help.

Parallel Plane Diagram

A Length for Every Purpose

Neonode Touch Sensor Modules come in lengths from 101 mm to 374 mm and support display sizes up to 15.6 inches. Custom lengths are also available on request. View the mechanical data to find the right length for your product.

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