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Infrared Touch - 2000x1000
Interactive Touch on Any Surface

Infrared Touch

Durable and rugged infrared touch sensing technology without electromagnetic interference.

Neonode's Touch Interaction uses revolutionary infrared touch sensing technology that brings you 100% image clarity and unrivalled durability. Whether you need a fully customized implementation for your product or are looking for a fast retrofit solution, our products are perfect for a wide range of applications, such as automotive controls, medical devices, avionics, or rugged industrial systems.

Our infrared touch is immune to electromagnetic interference, and can be seamlessly coupled with traditional touch technologies to improve reliance and accuracy on critical applications. Our infrared touch also has the unique ability to make any surface interactive, weather you would like digital touch capabilities on wood, etched glass, metal or even fabric, Neonode provides you with complete design freedom.

Neonode technology is currently deployed in more than 80 million products worldwide.

Make anything touch interactive with Neonode's invisible infrared touch.

USPs - Touch Interaction Solutions

Low Electromagnetic Interference

Low Electromagnetic Interference

Neonode's technology is robust in electromagnetic environments, eliminating effects like electromagnetic interference (EMI).

Keep the Gloves On!

Active Touch with a Range of Inputs

Unlike traditional capacitive touch, our Touch Sensor Modules accept inputs from a range of inputs, such as gloves and other stylus instruments.

Uncompromised Image Quality

Uncompromised Image Quality

Invisible light above the screen ensure top image quality; vital requirements for medical, military and other demanding settings.

Robust Operation

Outstanding Product Lifetime Value

Outstanding product lifetime value with high quality and rugged performance in even the most demanding applications.

Infrared Touch - Kiosk - 1200x900

How Infrared Touch Works

Neonode Infrared Touch systems emit focused beams of infrared lights to cover an area that overlaps with a display or surface that requires interaction. With impressive responsiveness, the system is able to detect when an object blocks (zForce Blocking) or reflects (zForce Reflective) the light in real-time. Neonode's core IP algorithms can determine the position of the object within a millimeter of accuracy and very high refresh rate.

Neonode Infrared Touch works on any surface, whether it be a digital display, glass, wood, plastic or any other desired façade.

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How to Implement Infrared Touch

Neonode's Infrared Touch solutions are made available via standardized Touch Sensor Modules, utilizing the zForce Reflective Platform.

For customized implementations we offer a project based solution where optical, software, mechanical and electrical engineering services are offered to tailor Neonode's infrared touch to your product.

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Infrared Touch Customer Implementations

Totem Kiosk

Ink Innovation | One of the Slimmest Self-service Kiosk on the Market

The Ink Totem is one of the slimmest self-service kiosks on the market, which isn't only space saving, but it also offers the benefits of touch and contactless touch options, making it a great option for multiple purposes and industries.

Infrared Keyboard Banner

HY-LINE | The First Virtual Keypad for Industrial Use

Type on wood, let plastic surfaces collect digital inputs, or make etchings on metal or glass fully interactive. Simply define your keyboard layout and plug-and-play with the AnySurface Keyboard.

Taxi Meter - 2000x1000

Stuctab | Tamper Proof Taxi Meters

Structab, maker of taximeters, has released its latest model MegTax 410. Touch functionality is enabled by using Neonode's sensors, which offers sturdy and accurate touch, with low EMI.

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