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The world’s first holographic check-in experience for hotel guests

Arribatec teams with Holo Industries to offer safe and germ-free contactless check-in, powered by Neonode

Arribatec, a global provider of digital business solutions and a leader in the hospitality industry, has teamed with Holo Industries, the creator of Holographic TouchTM, to develop the world’s first holographic check-in system for the hospitality industry.

Holo Industries’ Holographic Touch is a huge break-through in contactless interaction; for the first time, users can not only see a holograph—they can safely touch, pinch, scroll, and spin any image effortlessly in mid-air. The technology is made possible through the use of Neonode Touch Sensor Modules, holographic optics, and Holo’s proprietary hardware and software components. The resulting holographic image is clear and precise and interaction is instantly responsive—even if the user is wearing gloves.

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