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Transform the Way Humans and Machines Interact.

We specialize in optical sensing technologies that enable touchless interaction, object detection, infrared touch and scene analysis via machine perception.

Customers come to Neonode for cutting edge technological solutions that hold up in tough environments and that deliver results which drive businesses forward.


Home Solution Image - Touchless Interaction

Touchless Interaction

Create exceptional user experiences with intuitive touchless technology. Turn any surface into a contactless interface or make holograms interactive with in-air actions like point-to-select or hand gestures, without the need for special glasses or equipment.

Home Solution Image - Infrared Touch

Infrared Touch

Transform any surface into a touch-enabled interface, such as a digital screen, etched metal, plastic, wood or glass with Neonode's revolutionary infrared touch technology. Our Touch solutions offers low electromagnetic interference, 100% image clarity and unrivaled durability.

Home Solution Image - Object Detection

Object Detection

Ensure the integrity of machines that rely on uninterrupted operation with Neonode's Object Detection. Our sophisticated and cost-effective solution utilizes advanced infrared sensing capabilities to identify foreign objects on displays or other surfaces, regardless of size, thickness, geometric shape or orientation.

Driver Monitoring Face Scan - 1200x900

Machine Perception

Rapidly give machines the intelligence to recognize and respond to the environment around them with Neonode's Machine Perception solution. Teach it to recognize anyone or anything, such as specific objects, human facial recognitions or gaze direction. Perfect for applications where AI powered image based understanding and interpretation is required.

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Recent Customer Implementations


7-Eleven | Holographic Self Service Registers

7-Eleven are delighting customers’ with holographic self-service checkout machines in Japan. Customers can scan their goods and finalize their purchase by poking the air to interact with the display. Payment is also accepted by 100% touchless methods.

Claridges Penthouse

Claridge's | Contactless Elevator Controls

Classical style and modern technology can work in harmony. Claridge’s hotel recently proved this when they updated their 18th century elevator with futuristic Contactless Touch technology. Now guests experience ultramodern function while enjoying a heritage that carries many tales from history.

Hamad Self-service Checkin - 2000x1000

Hamad International Airport | Self-service Check-in Machines

Qatar's award-winning airport transformed their infrastructure to create a safer, more hygienic traveler experience amidst the pandemic - completely remotely with digital instruction using the plug-and-play retro fit solution from Happymeter.

HoloMed Header

Holo Industries | Holographic Medical Devices

Holo Industries introduces transformative holographic equipment for medical carts, patient monitors and other hospital equipment help to protect patients and medical staff by virtually eliminating surface contact on high touchpoint devices in hospitals and medical centres.

Innovation That Spans Industries

Neonode's technologies can be found in more than 90 million products made by the world's leading manufacturers of automotive vehicles and consumer technology.

Our solutions are leading the way of businesses taking the steps toward the future of user experiences.

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