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Improve Road Safety with Driver Monitoring Systems

Driver and In-cabin Monitoring

Save lives and improve comfort with advanced driver and in-cabin monitoring for passenger vehicles and commercial vehicles.

Worldwide, car accidents annually cause almost 3 million fatalities. Driver warning systems are an important safety feature designed to monitor a driver's behavior in real-time and warn or alert them when they become distracted or drowsy. Driver and in-cabin monitoring can also greatly enhance comfort for the driver and the passengers by providing other systems in the vehicle with information of where different persons are located, where they are looking etc. so that they can adjust to the current conditions automatically.

Neonode's Driver Monitoring software is a licensable, in-vehicle software, which enables customers to create and deploy value-adding driver and in-cabin monitoring applications in a controlled and efficient way. Built upon our patented MultiSensing technology, the software features use advanced artificial intelligence to interpret camera and sensor information. It can then make high-level decisions and determine when different events occur in vehicles, such as a driver being distracted or becoming tired, in a GSR-compliant manner.

Neonode addresses the need for robust, driver and in-cabin monitoring systems that enable our customers to meet regulations and guidelines such as EU GSR and Euro NCAP.

USPs - Driver and In-cabin Monitoring

ASPICE Level-3 Compliancy

Neonode's software is compliant with ASPICE Level-3 requirements to assure high quality software and a robust development process.

Minimal Computational Footprint

Efficient and minimalistic neural networks result in a small computational footprint, needing a minimum of computational resources.

GSR ADDW Compliant in the European Union

Fast implementation with preconfigured attributes such as eye gaze direction, hand positioning, blink frequency and head posture.

Camera and Position Agnostic

Our extensive use of synthetic data means we can handle any driver-facing camera of RGB, IR, and TOF type, both pinhole and fisheye, in any position.

Neonode Driver Monitoring Applications

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Driver Monitoring

Neonode provides the automotive industry with custom driver monitoring solutions via our patented AI MultiSensing technology. Fast configuration is made possible using a set of preconfigured standard attributes, such as driver drowsiness, distraction, gaze direction and hand positioning. Further customization can be performed via Neonode’s MultiSensing toolkit.

In-cabin Monitoring - 1200x900

In-cabin Monitoring

With cabin-facing cameras, complete in-cabin monitoring is made possible using Neonode's MultiSensing software. Automotive manufacturers can develop safety and other value-adding features based on passenger monitoring, with the possibility to detect the behavior and position of all vehicle occupants, or objects, in the entire vehicle cabin.

CTA - Driver Monitoring

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Advanced DMS Made Possible With MultiSensing

Creating a safer driver experience is more than just tracking eye gaze of the driver. With Neonode's MultiSensing software platform, we can determine such things as if the driver is clasping the wheel with both hands.

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Meeting the Standards

Neonode addresses the need for robust, driver and in-cabin monitoring systems that enable our customers to meet guidelines such as EU GSR and Euro NCAP.

Recent Work | Driver & In-cabin Monitoring

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Facial Recognition DMS

Neonode Platforms


MultiSensing is Neonode’s proprietary computing platform for efficient and safety-enhancing driver and in-cabin monitoring features in vehicles and other demanding applications.

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Advanced Driver Distraction Warning

Technical Report

Advanced Driver Distraction Warning (ADDW) Systems

Read the European Commission report on ADDW systems, in response to the Driver Distraction and Drowsiness Recognition safety measure forming part of the European General Safety Regulation.

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