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Bridging the Gap Between Human and Machine


Neonode is a global technology company with a 20+ year history of innovation of advanced, multimodal human-machine interaction (HMI) solutions. We specialize in developing robust, intelligent advanced optical sensing solutions for applications requiring touch, contactless touch, object detection and machine perception.

Our proven technology is deployed in more than 90 million products around the world.

Driver Monitoring - 1200x900

Driver and In-cabin Monitoring

Advanced driver distraction warnings and in-cabin montioring for commercial and non-commercial vehicles.

  • Driver Monitoring

  • In-cabin Monitoring

Learn More About Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring
HUD Display - 1200x900

HUD Obstruction Detection

Ensure 100% visibility of projected information in next-generation head-up displays.

  • HUD Foreign Obstruction Detection for Automotive

  • HUD Obstruction Detection for Aviation

Learn More About HUD Obstruction Detection
Interior Controls - 1200x900

In-car Entertainment & Controls

Create incredible automotive interiors with smarter controls.

  • Infotainment Systems

  • Interior Controls

  • Interior Object Detection

  • Smart Steering Wheels

Learn More About Interior Controls
Feature Module - Rugged Touch

Rugged Touch

Provide intuitive infrared touch capabilities on surfaces that face extreme conditions.

  • Smart Lockers

  • In-vehicle Displays

  • Medical Equipment

  • Industrial Controls

Learn More About Rugged Touch
Airport Kiosk - 1200x900

Digital Kiosks

Build consumer confidence with contactless kiosks and gesture controlled advertising boards.

  • Self Service Kiosks

  • Point of Sale Terminals

  • Vending and Ticket Machines

  • Infotainment and Edutainment Units

Learn More About Digital Kiosks
Elevator - Parallel Plane 1200x900

Contactless Elevator Controls

Create safer and more remarkable elevator experiences with contactless passenger controls.

  • Touchless Elevator Buttons

  • Gesture Based Hall Call Panels

  • Contactless Interactive Displays

  • Holographic Elevator Pads

Learn More Contactless Elevator Controls