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Interior Controls
Create Incredible Vehicle Interiors with Smart Controls.

In-car Entertainment and Controls

Enhance driver safety and enjoyment with smart interior controls.

Neonode's custom interior control solutions enables vehicle manufacturers to reinvent In-car Entertainment (ICE). With our patented zForce® technology, advanced sensors and algorithms work seamlessly to detect and track mid-air gestures and/or touch interaction on any surface, such as wood, glass, carbon fiber or even Alcantara. By removing the need to rely on LCDs or mechanical buttons, style no longer needs to be compromised when introducing new digital features into the cockpit design.

Neonode’s sensor technology can be found in millions of cars in the market - a testament to its quality, reliability and cost-efficiency.

USPs - In-car Entertainment

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Touch Displays

Add multi-touch functionality to any display, with or without any overlay. Works on any display with any input including gloved operation, wet and greasy hands and long fingernails.


Virtual Trackpads

Make any material an interactive touch surface - such as natural wood, glass, plastic or even leather and give interior controls and in-car entertainment a unique look and feel.


Gesture Control

Control anything from the sound system to the air-conditioning using mid-air hand gestures. Integrate visual light or sound feedback for enhanced safety and user-friendly interaction.

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Wake on Approach

For no-touch smart activation, add wake-on-approach to infotainment systems, lighting or advanced driver-assistance systems when a hand or other object approaches.

In-car Entertainment Applications

Card Image - Infotainment Systems

Infotainment Systems

Add multi-touch functionality to any display, with or without any overlay, to deliver vehicle information and entertainment via touchscreen displays, button panels, audio/video interfaces - or any automotive-grade surface at all. Neonode's blocking technology works on any display with any input including gloved operation, wet and greasy hands and long fingernails.

Card Image - Interior Controls

Interior Controls

Get more creative freedom when designing the cockpit of the future. With Neonode sensor technology, auto makers can now make any surface in the vehicle completely interactive, such as wood, glass or leather. Use luxurious or innovative materials to create smart interactive features that can be controlled with touch or gestures. No more need to rely on LCDs or mechanical buttons for in-car HMI.

Card Image - WPC

Interior Object Detection

Reliably detect objects on a wireless power charging (WPC) module is key for the systems to function as intended and enable safe driving. Neonode’s zForce technology offers the most reliable object detection in the most cost-effective way. Regardless of system type and design, it is ideally suited for uncompromised safety and optimal function.

Card Image - Smart Steering Wheels

Smart Steering Wheels

Help to keep drivers hands on the wheel and eyes on the road with smart touch-sensitive steering wheels that provides direct interaction between the car and driver with simple touch, tap and swipe gestures directly on the wheel. Using Neonode's light-based zForce technology, interaction is responsive and accurate. User feedback is provided by subtle visual illumination when activated.

CTA - In-car Entertainment

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