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Touchless Finger

Holographic Contactless Touch Solutions Made Easier in Japan With 4-Way Partnership

Contactless Touch

Neonode’s extensive partner network in Japan is becoming even more powerful thanks to a fourfold collaboration between Global Electronics, Metatechno and Parity Innovations.

The aim of the collaboration is to become a one stop shop for Neonode-powered contactless touch solutions by providing all the hardware, software and development resources needed under one roof.

Since the outbreak of the pandemic, the need for contactless technology has been increasing globally and when it comes to holographic solutions there is a big demand in Japan, but its complexity in terms of hardware components and software development needed has been an issue for system introduction, to date.

In this partnership, Global Electronics will act as an authorized distributor for Neonode products and various electronic components, Parity Innovations will provide holographic plates for aerial visualization, and Metatechno will develop various applications, driver support, etc. on a contract basis, and support the introduction of software.

The collaboration has already developed a holographic demo using the selected components and competencies - a contactless reception terminal solution, combining a host PC with the Neonode Touch Sensor Module, a holographic plate and the next generation video technology.

Together, they will strengthen domestic sales efforts across Japan and make it possible to provide complete customer proposals based on the four-party involvement.

Read the full press release (in Japanese) here.