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AutoSens InCabin Europe - Event Image

AutoSens InCabin, Brussels, Belgium

Driver and In-cabin Monitoring

AutoSens is a global community that supports ADAS and autonomous vehicle technology development, where leading engineers and scientist from across the globe join to collaborate and participate in best-in-class events, training, information and analysis.

AutoSens InCabin is a best-in-class event where experts from around the world will deep dive into the technical challenges around safety, comfort and convenience for vehicles of today and tomorrow. In addition to driver and occupant monitoring systems, participants can learn about the latest innovations in sensor technology, AI, HMI, acoustics and lighting, cockpit design and other critical elements within the cabin of the future.

Speaking at the event will be Agnes Jernström, Senior Software Engineer at Neonode. She will provide insight into Neonode's MultiSensing® platform. This technology utilizes the latest advances in machine learning combined with in-house generated synthetic data to interpret and understand a wide range of objects, situations, and contexts, including sophisticated features for driver and in-cabin monitoring.

Speaker: Agnes Jernström

Agnes has been working at Neonode as a Senior Software Engineer since 2022 and is a key stakeholder in the development of Neonode's MultiSensing software platform. She has broad experience from the automotive industry having worked for leading OEMs in a wide variety of fields such as positioning of autonomous vehicles, gearbox actuation, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. She holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

What to Expect

Check out the pre-interview with Urban Forssell, CEO Neonode.

Event Details

When: June 20-22, 2023
Where: Autoworld Museum, Brussels, Belgium

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