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InCabin Sensing Europe - June 2023 - Event Banner

InCabin.Sensing Europe, Berlin, Germany

Driver and In-Cabin Monitoring
Machine Perception

Join us in Berlin at the InCabin.Sensing event for automotive specialists, where Agnes Jernström, Senior Software Engineer at Neonode, will provide a deep-dive into how Neonode creates compliant data for driver and occupant monitoring systems with pin-point accuracy.

About the Event

Staying competitive and developing new products that improve occupant safety and enhance the user experience as well as comfort have never been more important for the automotive industry. Today, the market for advanced, intelligent automotive in-cabin sensing technologies and emotional sensing, combining state-of-the-art camera and sensor technology with innovative algorithms is growing at exponential speed.

The InCabin.Sensing event is directed at executives, technical leaders, advanced engineers, practitioners and experts involved in intelligent interior systems for the automotive cabin. The event will bring together over 100 of the most influential practitioners, technical & HMI experts, OEMs, tier-one suppliers and research institutes to discuss the latest technical advancements, market trends and opportunities.

Neonode on Stage

Neonode's Machine Perception technology enables real-time evaluation of a person's alertness. By utilizing a combination of body, face, and eye perception, we can detect and thereby alert of inattentiveness and unsafe behaviors in scenarios where concentration is critical, something we use in applications including our driver monitoring system.

Data is the core of our any machine learning application. To make a machine learning model recognize patterns, objects or behaviors it needs to be trained on large amounts of data that represent what the model is supposed to learn. For computer vision tasks, this training data often consists of photos and videos gathered from the real world. However, using real-world data to train neural networks comes with several limitations and challenges with regards to quality, flexibility and privacy.

Agnes Jernström from Neonode will present at InCabin.Sensing and will explain what synthetic data is and how it can be used to overcome these challenges.

The presentation will cover:

  • Introduction to synthetic training data with examples of how Neonode uses synthetic data for developing highly accurate driver monitoring systems.

  • Compliance with the recent regulatory framework for AI by the European Commission.

  • How synthetic data can learn things that are hard or impossible to annotate in real-world data - and fast!

  • Simplifying the creation of unbiased datasets.

  • Avoiding the potential legal issues of using real human faces in the training data.

  • Making it possible to tailor the training data to the task you are solving with regards to image size, camera position and lens parameters.

Agnes Jernström, Speaker

Agnes Jernström is a Senior Software Engineer in the MultiSensing® development team at Neonode.

MultiSensing® is Neonode’s proprietary technology for Machine Perception which utilizes the latest advances in machine learning combined with in-house generated synthetic data to interpret and understand a wide range of objects, situations, and contexts. Agnes has broad experience from the automotive industry having worked for leading OEMs in a wide variety of fields such as positioning of autonomous vehicles, gearbox actuation, and vehicle-to-vehicle communication. She holds a MSc in Industrial Engineering from the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, Sweden.

IMG 2398

Agnes Jernström

Senior Software Engineer, Neonode

Event Details

When: 18-20 June, 2023
Where: Titanic Chaussee, Berlin, Germany

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