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Neonode is the go-to company for advanced Contactless Touch, Touch, Gesture Control, and In-Cabin Monitoring.

Products & Solutions

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Contactless Touch

Prevent the spread of germs in public spaces with Neonode's groundbreaking solutions for Contactless Touch.

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Touch Sensor Modules

When other touch solutions just won't do, Neonode's Touch Sensor Modules will bring touch interaction to another level, enabling interaction on any surface, mid-air and much more.

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Customized HMI Solutions

When other solutions won't do, Neonode's expert team of engineers are ready to help you get the experience your application requires.

Utilize the full toolbox and expertise of our offering for HMI solutions.

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Remote Sensing Solutions

Addressing the need for robust, driver and in-cabin monitoring systems that enable our customers to meet guidelines such as EU GSR and Euro NCAP.

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Parallel Plane Solutions

Parallel Plane Solutions

A single ultra-slim module that can be fitted onto any screen or surface to make it touchless in minutes. Users get the benefit of a fully interactive, multi-touch experience that can be operated in either indoor or outdoor environments, even while wearing gloves.

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Holographic Solutions

Revolutionary holographic technology can create in-air projections of your user interface for a real wow factor.

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Buy Touch Sensor Modules and Evaluation Kits via Digi-Key's global online store.

Nexty Electronics

Nexty Electronics is our distributor for the Japanese market.

Serial Microelectronics

Serial is our distributor for China, Hong Kong and Taiwan.

Value-Added Resellers

A strong collection of partners around the globe that help us making the public domain a safer place, by development and sales of contactless touch solutions powered by Neonode Touch Sensor Modules.


Multiple Applications | Central Europe


Elevators & Kiosks | South Korea


Elevators & Kiosks | China

Global Electronics

Elevators & Kiosks | Japan


Kiosks | South Korea


Elevators & Kiosks | Japan

MZ Technologie

Elevators & Kiosks | France

EIL Company Ltd.

Elevators & Kiosks | Hong Kong

Sabre Technologies Pte Ltd

Multiple Applications | Singapore

Holo Industries

Holographic Solution Provider | US


Solution Provider | Singapore

Other Partners


Elevator Solution Provider | United Kingdom


Holographic Display Provider | Japan

Merim Groupe

Solution Provider | France

NZ Technologies

Solution Provider | Canada


Holographic Solution Provider | China


Solution Provider | Hong Kong

Advanced Silicon

Display Solution Provider | Switzerland


Display Solution Provider | Switzerland

Parity Innovations

Parity Innovations | Japan